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I am positively in love with these socks and the designer who gifted them to the world.

I am entertaining all sorts of little fantasies: fingerless mittens, the cuff and detailed edge of a cardigan, and so forth.

I love this pattern.



So, what day is it? June 7th? Sounds like the perfect day to debut my April 2011 SCSC socks.
I actually finished them on Saturday (yes, the April socks were finished in JUNE). Wet blocking did wonders for what otherwise looked like a stranded mess.
Pattern: Vellamo
Yarn: KnitPicks Stroll Solids, one skein each of Aurora Heather and Mustard (Mustard is being discontinued)
Needles: 2.75mm DPNs
Modifications: My only modification was to change the cuff. I felt like the socks were so fancy they needed a showier cuff, so rather than a 1.5 inch 1×1 ribbed cuff, I went with a picot edged cuff. My first ever picot edge. I am a little disappointed that the socks are not all that “clingy” since I don’t have a nice stretchy ribbed cuff to help hold them up, but they look like some fancypants knitting, so I can live with them being somewhat saggy.

In other news, the week before Sapphire, I cast on the Summer Mystery Shawl that Wendy Johnson of WendyKnits started publishing. I wanted a distraction and something to invigorate my will to knit once the event was over, and it seems to have worked. I cast on in the handspun green merino/tencel (or it might be bamboo) blend I bought on Etsy last year and spun last Autumn. I don’t know how I feel about the yarn. Having never spun something like that, I didn’t know what to expect. I overspun a lot of it, and some of it is underspun. None of it is especially consistent. It is knitting up a lot like pure silk with little give. I think it will look nice once it is blocked out, but right now, I am somewhat taken aback by the mess every time I look at it.

Anyway, Wendy has put out all of the charts now, but the main body chart came out the day I was loading the Uhaul to go out to Sapphire, so I only started that chart over the weekend. I am taking my time with it, but the project is speeding up as I go because I am getting very familiar with the chart and because each right side row drops off two stitches.

I bypassed May’s Sock Club socks altogether. I had a feeling when I set up the club that May might wash out and sure enough. It doesn’t hurt that the socks are intended for a pair of Size 12 feet, and those feet belong to someone on my Not Too Happy With list, at the moment. I had little heartache in skipping over those socks. My June socks are waiting to be cast on very soon. The pattern is Falling Tears, and the yarn will be more Knit Picks Stroll in Dusk colorway. My main delay is that I need to replace my 2mm DPNs and I really need a 2.5mm set too. I think this sock is going to need me to go down a size from my normal 2.75mm needles.

Maybe this weekend I will have time to cast on while I am back at Tom Scott Park for Warfighter.

I am really suddenly looking forward to the event this weekend. We won’t have an “encampment” to speak of. It will just be Byram and I alone in our normal location, and there is a better than average chance that one night, it might even be me by myself. He will understand (I hope) when I say that the idea of a night alone in a tent, completely by myself, is deeply appealing right now. In the wake of Sapphire, of autocratting, of my job, of life in general, I feel a bit like I have had a 60 grit beltsander applied to my soul and I need some time to heal up. I need some quiet time. I need some solitude.

You wouldn’t think going to an SCA event would be the balm I need, but the way this weekend is looking, I think it is going to be perfect.

Now, I would like to leave you with some photos from my lost month of May.
Grace and I are exploring the River.

Admiral Achbar gives us a warning from what is one of the most random tags I have ever seen in the City.
My Beloved. Both of them.

A blooming magnolia; the scent took me straight back to my childhood in Hampton.
One of the most hellacious storms I have ever driven through.

My goofy girl and her wax lips.

Going for a run with a little added weight.

The Civil War memorial on Belle Isle.

And Grace.

One Down

I want to thank everyone who has contributed to the Worlds Finest team and our efforts to raise money for the local Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) programs. Combined, between the donations made directly to the team and those that were made in Grace’s name, we have raised over $350!

The first of the April SCSC socks is done; I decided in the past day to make a major modification to the pattern. I decided to do a picot edged cuff. Until now, I have yet to knit a pair of socks yet that didn’t have a ribbed cuff, and while ribbed cuffs generally look nice and do a swell job in helping to hold up your socks, they just struck me as being far too dull to bring this flashy pair of socks to a close. This blog was vastly helpful in assisting me on choosing my binding off method.
And, because I have an appreciation for a view of the wrong-side of colorwork projects, I give you the inside:
In spite of all the attention I have been giving to the socks, my brain has been in a lace mood. I haven’t touched Freya since Wednesday, though I hope to give it some attention soon, but in the meantime, I have spent a lot of time looking at lace projects and shawls, and dreaming of future projects.

The Spring/Summer issue of Knitty debuted recently (this week I assume), and I fell pretty hard for Lilah in this issue. I like the idea of the two-toned shawl, but I don’t like the fact that the beautiful edgework becomes invisible with the transition from white to black. I will either knit it in a solid color, or dye it myself, ombré style.

I still fantasize about knitting Shipwreck again, but my list of shawls I want to knit is so long that it is hard to want to set aside the couple of months it would take to complete it, when I could be knitting something completely new to me. Here are just a few that I have been wanting to knit for a while.

Rona Lace: a stunning circular shawl I have been fantasizing about for years. Like Freya, it has no charts, which has kept me reluctant to just cast on and go for it.

Perlata Pitsigootti-huivi: there is an English translation for this gorgeous, Finnish shawl. It is a bottom up shawl, and casting on 404 stitches does make my heart flop around in my chest a bit, but when I am ready, I think it will be worth it.

Peacock Shawlette (Rav link): so I like peacocks, peacock motifs in lace, and the colors associated with peacocks. This one is also worked bottom up.

Cartouche: I LOVE this shawl. I love it that it looks heavy, warm, and exactly like something you would wrap up in on a chilly, early winter night, sitting outside. I love that it is lace and cables. I love that the difficulty level on it is going to be on the high side. I plan to knit this late this summer, maybe taking it to Pennsic to start it there. It certainly won’t be a “Two Week Pennsic Shawl” like Haruni was last year, but it would be nice to have it done in time to wear it once the weather cools down later this year.

When I have $20 to spare, I am going to buy Romi Hill’s Seven Small Shawls to Knit e-book. Tagyete, Caelano, and Asterope are my favorite shawls of the seven in the book.

So what’s on your queue to knit that you are itching to do these days?

At The Speed of Yarn

This morning:
Any questions?

Coming Up Short

***Please help us support abused children who need superheros in their lives by contributing to CASA and our Superhero 5k Charity Run: click to donate to the World’s Finest team. Thank you for your support!***

Who stuffs herself into the moral equivalent of a sausage casing, allows herself to be seen in her office and public in said casing, and goes for a 3 mile run to an island in the middle of the James River at lunch?


I came back from my run all excited because I thought I had run 3.25 or so miles in 32 minutes, but the wind was taken out of my sails when I mapped it and found it was a quarter of a mile shorter than I thought.

However, these 3 miles include a lot of hills, and I took only 3 walking breaks; 2 of them were on the ramps taking you 40 feet up to the Belle Isle footbridge. If I hadn’t plopped myself on a rock at the turn around point to look at the river for almost a full minute, I would have beaten last weekend’s fast time on the flat track. That same distance last summer took me more like 45 minutes.

I have this fantasy of not having to take a walking break at all during the Superhero 5k on April 9th. I am not worried about finishing (I will), and I am not worried about winning my age bracket (I won’t), but I have a personal goal of doing it in 30 minutes, and a secondary goal of doing it without a single walking break. Lots of work and sweat ahead. I would love any pointers any of you might have for your first race. I am trying not to overthink it, but I would like to be prepared.

I am currently stuck in a knitting rut. I have reached the point of loathing the Charade socks. I am almost to the heel now, not quite half way done with the second sock after 2 solid weeks. I am wondering if I should just grit my teeth, think of England and persevere, or cast on something more interesting for a bit, OR pull out April’s Sock Club socks on April 1, and cast them on whether Charade is done or not. Green and yellow color work socks sound so very lovely at this moment.

I have garb to sew this weekend too, and since they are calling for, get this, S N O W, on Sunday, it doesn’t sound like the kind of weekend where it will be hard to sit at the sewing machine because my heart is aching to be outdoors. I would really like to get at least one thing accomplished and off my list of to-dos right now.

Wouldn’t that be lovely?

Out of Focus

As we drove northeast on Beulah Road this morning, I noticed some of the trees along the street had those tell-tale red buds already showing. It occurred to me that it is March 1st, my unofficial first day of Spring. The Lenten Roses (hellebores) have started blooming, and even though they are running late this year, the daffodils are not far behind.

I am feeling somewhat restive, a funny word that means the opposite of what it sounds like it would. Anxious, impatient, barely under control. I blame a combination of Spring Fever, startitis, and the lingering pain and associated painkillers from the latest dental disaster. There are a thousand things I would like to be doing, and none of them require being in Downtown Richmond, ten floors above street level.

Playing with Grace. Sleeping. Knitting. Gardening. Sewing. Cleaning. Anything aside from proof-reading, editing, typing, e-mailing, and processing official Virginia business. I have to pay the bills, of course, but this is the time of year when I genuinely wish I did something else that paid the bills.

I have a little confession: I cast on the March socks a little early. You could say I cheated, but when April 1st rolls around and they aren’t done (I have a bad feeling about this pair), you will understand, right? I have also cast on the Second Not Noro Noro Scarf. And I cast on a pair of fingerless gloves. Diagnosis is of course “startitis.” A knitter’s intense desire to start anything that floats across her knitterly brain, but no strong drive to finish anything.

Never mind that I have a hat that just needs earflaps and a pompom. Or the sweater that is half finished. Or the sweater that needs a sleeve and a collar. Or the scarf that is half finished. Or . . . the list could go on and on. And I want to finish all that stuff, too, but I want to knit all this cool new stuff.

And I want to write.

And I want a new linen dress for SCA purposes.

And I want my garden to get going.

And I want to sleep. A lot.

The point is, I am highly unfocused, just like this blog post. I cannot even finish a sentence before I am on to something else. Forget a whole paragraph.

Anyway, so the March socks.
Pattern: Charade (Rav link, sorry. The creator’s blog seems to be gone.)
Yarn: Knit Picks Stroll – Colorway: Shoreline Twist (discontinued)
Needles: 2.25mm (US1) (sort of, I am missing a needle, so there is a US0 in there too)

I am not terribly excited about the socks, as much as I could not resist casting them on a day early. I dislike the colors more than I thought I would. The brown and blue twisted yarn sounded good in theory, but I am not thrilled with the result. And then there is just the “barely together” aspect of this whole project. I am missing a needle. The yarn is discontinued. I don’t even love the pattern like I thought I would. The detail in the pattern comes from a single slipped and passed over stitch ever 4 stitches, every two rows and I find passing slipped stitches over that frequently to be somewhat tedious. Everything about these socks already feels like “meh” and I have only knit about 3 inches so far.

I hadn’t realized what I was getting myself into when I picked this pattern randomly for a masculine looking sock for the 2011 Sock Club. So, chances are good I am going to need every one of the 32 days I have allowed myself to slog through the socks. At least they aren’t intended for a huge pair of feet. These are my father-in-law’s Christmas socks, and I am grateful he has relatively dainty feet. The scary part is that I am actually knitting for Christmas and it is March 1st.

I am not sure whether it is scarier that I am planning ahead this far or that I am actually having to consider whether 10 months is enough time to get all my knitting done for Christmas.

Catching Up

In spite of my best attempts to fail, I give you my completed February SCSC2011 contribution.
I did not get a single decent picture of the pair, so please forgive me.
Yarn- Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks that Rock Lightweight – Colorway – Lucy in the Sky
Pattern: Leyburn
Needles: 2.75 (US2)
Modifications: Knit toe-up and was a bit willy-nilly with my stitch count. Knit for a Women’s Size 10. 2×2 twisted rib cuff.

Leyburn is the first pattern I have repeated because I liked it so much. It works very well on busy yarns and does a great job breaking up some of the STR’s tendency to pool. I would even knit it again, just not right now.

So, in news of the sad and broken, the Tuesday before Ymir, my top left wisdom tooth gave way. It has been useless for years, broken and slowly going away, and of course, it picked the night 3 days before I left for North Carolina to finally raise my “pain quotient” over my “fear quotient” for a dentist visit. I held on until last Tuesday to schedule my appointment, on Wednesday, received lots of antibiotics and the biggest percocets I have ever gotten (double the dosage from the ones I was given after abdominal surgery!), and on Friday, under a heavy dose of nitrous gas, said goodbye that wisdom tooth.

I have been in a Percocet haze ever since, until today. I think that fact makes it even more impressive that I managed to finish February’s socks.

So last Wednesday, since I was half way to Powhatan anyway, I decided to drive the extra 15 minutes from my dentist to Holly Spring Homespun and celebrate the fact that this particular dental disaster was not going to cost me $3K like the one last summer did.
Yes, I got more yarn for another Not Really Noro Scarf. Yes, I see the blue. Yes, I am aware it is an illness. To make up for yet more blue, and to try and cure my silk craving, I picked up:
Zitron Noblesse.
Feels amazing. I foresee a pair of fingerless mitts for my chronically cold hands.

Also in the realm of “not blue,” here is a picture of one of the gifts I received at my Pelican ceremony. Photobucket
This is a handmade glass medieval-style rosary made by my glass-working friend Christine.

Further, not blue, and also a gift at my Pelican Ceremony:
Black, silk and cashmere fingerless mitts made for me by Lady Cindel. This is the first hand knit gift I have been given since I was probably an infant, and they are divine.

And best of all, in the category of Not Blue:
My first Lenten Rose has bloomed.

Spring is just around the corner.