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I Am Not Impressed

For having only worked two days this week, it certainly has been a long week. I got to enjoy a couple of vacation days in the middle of the week to spend with Grace because my mother needed the week off, so those were quite pleasant days. Now I am back at work and trying to catch up on emails, work, and blogging.

Now, staying home and watching Grace is not really conducive to knitting time, but I took my chances when I could and managed to make some headway on Miralda.
You will notice that I have switched to straight needles, which I generally prefer. I enjoyed getting to sit outside with Miralda and knit in the very nice, very autumn-like weather we have been having. I sat on the back deck while Grace played in the yard.
I think September is becoming my favorite month. It is warmer and more summer like than October, cooler without being chilly, and the world is still green. In fact, here is what came in from the garden on Wednesday.
That is a Purple Wonder sweet pepper and it went very nicely with my lunch of liver and onions. The cucumber became a transportation device for roasted garlic hummus. Yum.

Earlier this week, I played with power tools and wood stain. We have a couple of old benches we use for the SCA, and they were in pretty awful shape. I volunteered to refinish the benches, but I have only gotten one done so far. It does allow you to see a contrast of before and after, though.
I hope it is obvious that the bench at the top is the refinished bench.
It is nice to see how far an orbital sander, heavy grit paper, and some new stain applied with more care can go on these worn out old benches. I am very pleased with the initial effort and hope to get the second bench sanded and stained on Sunday. Then next week, they can get a protective clear coat and be ready to go for our next camping event in about 3 weeks.

Tomorrow, we are driving to North Carolina (second weekend in a row of this) to go to a family reunion. The embarrassing part is I don’t even know which side of the family we are ‘reunioning’ with, but it’s okay. Grace will get to meet some extended family and I will get to see more of Byram’s relatives that I have never met. However, in preparation for several hours spent riding in the back of the van, I need a knitting project that does not involve nupps or beads. Or, if I can get through the last 10 or so rows of this shawl that involve nupps and beads tonight, then it can go with me. So the question tonight is do I cast on a new sock project or do I spend my whole evening getting through the remnants of the Miralda diamond chart, and that way tomorrow is mostly garter rows, some gathered stitches, and then onto the body of the shawl which is just the same 3 stitch pattern repeated a several thousand times? At that point, I will barely even need to refer to the charts at all.

Part of me is feeling a sock coming on. I have that Felici self-striping yarn that looks most excellent when just knit plain. I want to recover that yarn after the epic Jaywalker sock failure from back in June. I also want to knit the Leyburn socks for my Grandma for Christmas.

The other part of me is exceedingly wedded to finishing off Miralda. I am not usually so monogamous to any one knitting project. See the poor Beer socks, my single Ruba’iyat mitten, the Sienna Cardigan, or even most recently, the Peacock and Leaves scarf. Those are all projects I fully intend to complete, but just haven’t yet, and feel no heartache that another project jumped ahead in the line. But when I started the Pennsic shawl last month, I was all in, totally committed, and ready to go the distance without knitting a single stitch on a single other project; a task which I successfully achieved. Apparently, project monogamy has not worn off me yet.

Since I mentioned the Sienna Cardigan, I should mention that I am getting the itch to get back to work on it. I left off at the shoulder cap of the first sleeve. Once I finish that, I can do the second sleeve, and then go after the button band and collar, and then it will be time to sew it up. It is really not that far from being finished, except that I lost one of the needles. Really. I cannot find that 10″ 5.5 mm cobalt blue needle anywhere in the house. It just blows my mind. Maybe I will just start picking up the stitches to knit the collar and button bands with my 5.5mm circular. At least I would be making progress while I hunt down (or replace) the missing needle.

The weather is turning cooler and it is getting easier to turn my thoughts away from lace and more towards warm, solid knits. That’s really why I want to get Miralda finished and blocked. I am afraid I will lose the lace bug before I get this last shawl finished.

I think that just writing this out has helped me figure out exactly what I am going to do with any knitting time I have tonight. It’s time to finish that Diamond chart.

Now I just have to relocate the beads and crochet hook I have misplaced in the past 48 hours.

One final note. The NFL kicked off its 2011 season last night. I am a Minnesota Vikings fan, so be prepared for some lamentations as I suspect this is going to be a pretty painful year for my team. The picture below and the look on my face pretty much sums up my feelings about Opening Night.
That look says “I am not impressed.”