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You Have To Move

Yes, I have suffered a serious case of “blog slack” but I am prepared to acknowledge that this happens every year during the month of May. Between the garden, the exercise, the work load at my real job, and the work load associated with the SCA as we prepare for a major event, May tends to consume me and most of my free time.

I have knit a few stitches here and there, but nothing significant. I have made a beautiful 12th century era gown, embroidered and beaded it. I taught another lady how to make similar dresses. I have taken in a couple of dresses. I have stained a piece of camp furniture and worked on painting an SCA shield for armoured combat.

Add to all of that the fact that I am running about 8-9 miles per week, plus walking a few additional miles on my non-running days, and potty training our precocious two-year-old, and yes, blog slack has overrun me.

If you came here for knitting, feel free to click another link. I have nothing for you today.

What I do have is a little tidbit of news that I really want to share. Yesterday, on my official weigh in day, I stepped on my beam scale, slid the “heavy” weight over to 200 and watched in amazement as the beam bottomed out. I slid the weight back to 150 and the top weight over to 50, and the scale bottomed out again. Sliding that top weight back in tiny movements, the beam leveled out at 199.5 pounds. I am officially below 200 pounds.

If you haven’t lived about half of your life above 200 pounds, then you probably would have difficulty understanding just how much that meant to me. My heart started racing when the scale bottomed out on 200. It is very hard for me to wrap my brain around the idea that my weight no longer begins with a 2 but a 1.

This morning I weighed again and was a pound less than yesterday, but there are water and other factors in that as well, so that 198.5 is an unofficial number. Next Wednesday, I hope to officially reach my goal of being 199 or less in time for Memorial Day weekend.

As I am regularly reminded by one person at the office, yes, I have help. And I thank God every day that I took the steps to get the help I needed. I do not believe I could have done this on my own. If I had believed that even slightly, I would never have undergone surgery.

That being said, for all the help I have been given, I do put a fair amount of work into this. I eat well. I stay within the guidelines given to me on a regular basis, and when I splurge, I chose carefully and think hard on why I am splurging. And most importantly, I exercise. I didn’t at first. I mean, I walked like I was supposed to, but I didn’t “work out” for the first couple of months. The weather was crap and my weight was still bearing down significantly on my joints.

If you are considering undergoing weight loss surgery, I cannot emphasize enough that exercise matters. In the beginning, you are going to lose weight whether you eat right and exercise or not. But that only lasts for a while, and a “while” can vary depending on your diet and exercise habits. If you do not learn the right habits while you are in that “honeymoon phase” as the doctors refer to it, you certainly aren’t going to learn those habits while it is even harder to pull the pounds off after the honeymoon is over.

You don’t have to run. You don’t have to spend hours with a special trainer. You don’t have to become an athlete. You do have to do something active. And you should do something you like or you simply won’t do it.

I confess, I hate walking. I despise just plain old walking. It ranks up there with yoga as “epically boring” to me. If I tried to focus my exercise on just walking, I would last a week or so and be done.

Since I do enjoy jogging and am very much enjoying the challenge of becoming a runner, it’s my exercise of choice. I like to get outside during the day and run by the river. I enjoy the heat of the sun on me, and I feel like clothing saturated with sweat is accomplishment incarnate. It’s not everyone’s bag, but it is mine, and I will do it for all its worth.

You must find something active to do that you love. Go play golf (walking the course, of course!), swim, go to dance classes, or whatever it takes to get you moving.

All that said, today begins Week 4 of the Couchpotato to 5K program, most commonly written as C25K. This week for me consists of:
5 minute Warm Up Walk
3 minute jog
90 second walk
5 minute jog
2 minutes 30 seconds walk
3 minute jog
90 second walk
5 minute jog (total of 21 minutes)
5 minute Cool Down Walk

Can you believe this girl is going to run for 5 minutes *straight* today? I cannot wait for noon to roll around so I can take this outside.

Be good to yourself and those around you. That’s all I have for today!