Quiet Time

My October Unprocessed challenge is ending, in theory, today. I committed to a hard-core first week and succeeded in it, with my major exclusion of artificial sweeteners, and then after the first week, I tried to continue it without going overboard or making myself (or anyone else) crazy.

I learned that really, I do pretty well already in terms of whole, low-processed foods. My major stumbling blocks came from my sweet tooth and the sacks of candy that one of the attorneys here always keeps in his office. In the last week, I just couldn’t keep my hand out of the candy jar and there were a few Snickers mini-bars and one or two Reese’s Cups. I had only one excursion out for fast food, which was the morning of the yard sale and I could not resist a McDonald’s McSkillet Burrito.

I really did try and at the same time, I tried to be subtle about it, I tried to be easy on my family about it, and most of all, I tried to be flexible about it and not let it stress me out. It seemed to work well.

I think I am going to try and make November a quiet month. I genuinely feel like I need to pull back, regroup, and heal my own spirit a bit. This year has been difficult and I am going into the holiday season at a very low point, mentally and emotionally, and I am going to focus on taking care of the issues in my life that need working on, and get myself right in my heart to begin the Advent season that I do love so much. I have some phone calls to make and some actions that need to be taken.

I’ll be around if you need me, but I expect a quiet spell for a while.


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