Wow. It is September 1. The unofficial start of Autumn. I am not sure where August disappeared to, but the summer is over, for all intents and purposes.

We are into Day 5 now without power after Irene, but despair has yet to set in. We are weary, worried about a whole freezer full of frozen meat, and I am getting anxious watching Katia spinning up in the Atlantic, though she at least remains fairly disorganized and a long way away, but all things considered, we are holding up very well.

One of the things I am most grateful for is that during Pennsic pack out, Byram had set aside our brand new Coleman camp stove for storage in our trailer at Pennsic. I asked if we could bring it home as a “just in case” thing and he acquiesced. That stove has been such a blessing, keeping us in hot coffee and hot food. The only major thing we lack is hot water to wash, but we have taken up friends on the offer of using their shower, and with deep gratitude. It is much easier to face a dark night with clean skin.

I bought a pack of candles to put in our lanterns since we have used up a lot of the smallish pillar candles. I also picked up a whole slew of glo-sticks of various shapes, sizes, and colors for Grace, now that she is back from Nana and Papa’s house. She has water color paints and acrylics, play-dough, and the whole back yard to turn into her own personal mud bath if she so desires (for a kid who can be wildly fastidious, she sure does like playing in the mud). I bought henna tattoos for her and Ama (my mom) to play with, and am trying to come up with other entertainment ideas for around the house as well.

I had not done any driving around much after dark so I was really stunned to see just how dark it was in my immediate area last night. We have power up to the next block over, and then it is just pitch dark. That meant we all got a phenomenal look at the stars last night. I have never seen so many stars in the Richmond sky before and it was quite impressive.

There is a relaxing aspect of the whole situation from about 8 p.m. each night. We get home and we move franticly around to get as much done as possible before dark. Cook, eat, wash up, clean up indoors and out, run errands, make visits, etc. But once the deep dark sets in, we settle ourselves either on the back deck or inside in the living room, and we chat. No rushing around, no television, no internet, we just sit and chat or read and relax. I am accepting the enforced downtime with a grateful heart because once power is restored, the real work of recovery will begin. Between laundry, sorting and tossing food, restocking perishables, and such, we will be very busy probably for several days. And the whole time will be with the specter of Hurricane Katia looming in the Atlantic, with no good idea where she is going to go; we will be getting ready for that possibility at the same time we are recovering from Irene.

But that’s life. My family is back together, the weather is gorgeous, and the company has been wonderful. That is more than enough for the moment.


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  1. Posted by bdb on September 1, 2011 at 9:59 AM

    I am, by the way, More Clever than Proud. We will be borrowing a generator for the freezer this weekend.


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