A Wonderful Dilemma

Before I left for Pennsic, I was gifted with a $30 gift certificate to KnitPicks by a co-worker who I have been helping learn to knit. It was a very generous gift, but ever since, I have been trying to figure out how best to use the money.

Do I use it towards a larger order to hit the $50 free shipping threshold? Do I want yarn? Do I want a set of needles? Do I want to buy a kit? Do I want books? Spinning fiber?

I am loving the Blue Corrie Vest kit. It definitely falls into the high difficulty category, but I could do it. I enjoy colorwork.

Then again, I have been begging for a set of Harmony DPNs for a long time. However, when I bought a set of Brittany wooden DPNs at Pennsic and promptly broke a needle less than a week later, I began to rethink my wish for wooden needles. Anyone have any experience with Harmony needles? Are they fairly stout? If not, then I wouldn’t mind a set of Nickle Plated DPNs.

But the truth is, I have all of the sizes that come with those sets. Multiple sets in most cases. I don’t really need of those sets. I would like a stouter set of 2.5mm DPNs since the Brittanys that I purchased at Pennsic have been such a disappointment.

Of course, there is is always sock yarn to indulge in.

Not that I am not flush with sock yarn.

Then, I could put it towards the purchase of what looks like the Double Dog Dare of knitting.

(Image courtesy of KnitPicks)

The sweater is stunning. Very much my kind of sweater. Very much my kind of colors. Very high on the difficulty scale. Very tempting. And very expensive ($65 isn’t playing around money in my world).

Do I take up the Double Dog Dare? Do I play it safe with sock yarn? Do I fall back on the safe knitting needle route? Choose the easier and much less costly Corrie Vest?


Decisions. Decisions.


One response to this post.

  1. I TRIPLE dog dare you to do the sweater!


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