This Hardly Qualifies As An Update

Writing mojo is completely lost. Let’s do this in bulleted list form, then, shall we?

– Pennsic was wonderful. Great weather. Great friends.
– Grace did better than I ever dreamed she would for 9 days in a medieval pavilion and garb.
– Running the kitchen and meal plan was easier than I expected, and surprisingly to me, a great deal of fun.
– I have been knitting, but only in little fits and starts. No finished products to show you, but progress has been made on a few projects.
– I haven’t been on a run since Pennsic, but I did do a 2 miler with hill training in the Bog. There is something absolutely awesome about running at Pennsic. Everyone else thinks you’re insane for bothering with it except those others you run into while you are on your run. Those are the people you exchange a knowing and slightly smug smile with.
– My full focus is on improving our house, fixing what is broke, getting rid of what we don’t need, improving our eating habits, and trying to curb some of our expenses.
– The economy still sucks and it will likely get a lot worse. See: “curbing our expenses” above.
– I have a race to train for — no, I haven’t forgotten Warrior Dash all summer, but I have been neglecting it.
– I want to talk about food in America, the politics of our food, the nationwide obesity epidemic (of which I am a sufferer of) and why I don’t trust the jackwagons in D.C. to tell me what I should and should not eat. Are you interested in hearing about it?


3 responses to this post.

  1. I’m currently struggling with nutrition over here. Anything you have to say on the subject would interest me.


  2. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about food and food politics as well and would be very interested in hearing your thoughts.


  3. My food/nutrition issues are so far off from normal that a lot of the healthy food initiatives are actually harmful to me:(

    I am interested. Sure.


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