Progress is a mostly finished “remodeled” bathroom. It is quite nice looking, but I haven’t successfully snapped a picture that shows its new look. I have some white trim paint coming my way soon, and after Pennsic, the trim, moulding, and door will get a fresh coat of gleaming white paint.

Progress is a finished knitting project. No, not one of the months-behind sock club socks. It is the Son of Not-Noro Scarf. I had intended to bring my camera to work today and take photos of its loveliness, but I can’t find the camera anywhere, which means it is sitting on my kitchen table still. You can imagine it as 6 and a half feet of this:
Son of Not Noro
Pattern: Noro Striped Scarf by Jared Flood
Yarn: Universal Yarns Classic Shades, in colorways Lake and Spanish Moss
Needles: 4.5mm (US7)
Mods: None except the yarn. Personally, I dislike Noro Yarns for their cost, their occasionally jarring colors, and the “artsy” nature of their construction (meaning, I don’t like vegetable matter in my yarn!), but the Universal Yarn is a nice, vastly less expensive alternative, with nice color shifts. One ball of each color made one 6+’ long scarf, and I had a couple of yards leftover of each color. Rather than a $45 Noro scarf, I have a $15 scarf. I call it a win.

Never mind that it took me from the end of February to the middle of July to finish this scarf because I was so bored with K1P1, but I find myself wanting to knit ANOTHER one! Not right away, no, but maybe in the fall for a few Christmas gifts?

Then again, since I am helping a co-worker learn to knit, I introduced her to the Go To Scarf to help her learn to knit and purl together, and I found myself wanting to knit that scarf again, too, since it is the definition of Instant Gratification. It is fun, fast, and nice looking.

Progress is:

Grace’s first real haircut.

I am glad we waited as long as we did. Yes, she is almost 4 and her hair was quite long, but she handled the haircut like a pro. Her only trouble was she kept wanting to turn her head and look at me. The stylist was slow and patient and very good with her, and Grace thought all the attention was wonderful.

I only had her take 4″ of hair off; enough to leave plenty of hair for pigtails and braids, but enough to take away all of the very fine baby curls, and the hair that was so terribly inclined to form a rat’s nest. I kept a bit of those curls. All moms do, don’t they? With the baby curls gone, there is not even a hint of a wave to Grace’s hair. She is destined to have her father’s straight, fine hair.

Progress is a power-washed deck, now awaiting a fresh coat of paint.

Progress is trimmed hedges in the front yard that make us look slightly less like the Wicked Witch of the West resides at our house.

Progress is laundry that isn’t a week behind.

And for all that progress, life remains unsettled and stressful. But I will take what I can get.


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