The Sock Club Is Backing Up

That is some fancypants knitting if you ask me.
It is my June SCSC 2011 pattern – Falling Tears.

I think they are beautiful. I love the color of the yarn (KnitPicks Stroll, colorway Dusk). I love the color of my new DPNs (Boye is FINALLY selling DPNs in 5 needle packs, rather than 4! I can get metal 5 DPN sets locally and affordably!!!). I love the contrast between the gray-blue and the copper needles, and it has proved helpful for this fiddly little pattern.

I love cabling without a needle. Just twisting two stitches around each other is fun, in a sort of demented kind of way. These are going to be very slow going. I can see that now. It doesn’t help that I should have cast them on around June 1, and instead, I cast off my April socks on June 6th, cast on my May socks on June 10 (one of which is finished!), and my June socks were only cast on back on the 25th.

Speaking of May socks:
May 2011
Yeah, Vanilla Bean Toe Up socks. That’s all I have the mental energy for, especially given the Falling Tears pattern requires so much of my attention, and that I am knitting May and June simultaneously at this point.

Um, yeah, I know July starts tomorrow. My July socks are Clandestine, by Cookie A. Looking at them, I am wondering what I was thinking; they look very complicated and Cookie A.’s designs and methods don’t tend to line up well with mine. She is a circular needle knitter and her designs run that way. Me…not so much. We will see if I will adapt or die with Clandestine. Eventually. Whenever I get around to casting them on. Hopefully it will be before August.

So, other works in progress include decluttering and reorganizing our house. We haven’t had a good culling of our crap in a very long time and we were seriously overdue. Now, we need more space than ever, and now we are much more focused on the long term goal of selling the house, so we have lots to do to the place to achieve that goal. The most basic thing you can do to get ready to sell your house is to just get rid of what you don’t need.

I have made 4 trips to Goodwill with drop offs. I have filled our garbage can to overflowing 3 Sundays in a row now, and I hope to make this the 4th one.

I built a much taller set of shelves for my kitchen last weekend to try and use some of the vertical space we have available with our 9 foot ceiling in there. The result was mixed. The shelf is wider than the wall it is against by about 5 inches, making it look odd, but the whole kitchen looks less cluttered and larger as a result.
Overall, I call it a win.

And my favorite work in progress:
Posing here with her favorite only semi-imaginary friend, Melvin.

I say semi-imaginary because at least the rest of us can see Melvin. We can’t see the rest of her friends, the entirety of the team of Teen Titans (I promise, I couldn’t make this up on my own). Robin and Starfire are her best friends in particular, or brother and sister, depending on her mood.

Finally, six years ago, on a hot and sticky July 2nd Saturday, Byram and I walked down the aisle together as husband and wife. This hot and sticky July 2nd Saturday, we will reflect on that, grill some steaks on the grill, light a fire in the firebowl, toast some marshmallows, sing some songs, drink a few adult beverages, and spend time together as a family, bound in love and honor and respect.

Thirty-two years ago, today, my parents took that same walk together. Now, all these years later, they are at the early stage of formally separating. The details are unimportant, though they are no dark, deep ugly secret. I haven’t gone into detail here because it is just not my story to tell. The realities of their ending marriage are still sinking in and we are still figuring out the impacts on our own household, but I know everything’s going to be alright.

Hug your loved ones. They probably need it.

Now, I leave you with this, for your knitting amusement.
(The best part? She has it spelled KN1TTY, which I would bet you means that somewhere in Virginia, another knitter has the license plate that says KNITTY. Just LOVE that thought!)


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