Something really cool happened to me this week.

My office often runs health challenges through the James Center YMCA. Last year it was a Biggest Loser challenge. It has been exercise challenges before. It always involves being a part of a team and working towards some healthy goal.

I have never been invited to a team before. Let’s just say I have never been the poster child for health and fitness around my office in the past.

Well, this week, that apparently changed. The YMCA is running a “Battle of the Bulge” 8 week challenge; teams of 4 have to log their exercise and food habits on a special calorie tracking website for 8 weeks; points are awarded for logging, for doing at least 3 30-minute workouts per week, and points are deducted for not logging or not exercising. Weight loss is not the goal here; consistently exercising, logging your food and water intake, and being accountable are the goals. Extra points are awarded for working out more than the minimum 3 times. Extra points are awarded for drinking water. There will be Bonus Point Challenges too.

And I was invited to a team; we had 8 people from the office who were split into two teams, and between our two teams, we have one endurance cyclist (he rides about 300 miles on a regular week), two marathon runners, and the rest of us are more “regular” runners. I am one of them.

I am one of them.

Let me repeat that one more time.

I am one of them.

These attorneys, as a group, believed I am responsible enough, fit enough, and motivated enough to be a contribution to a team for 8 weeks. This is powerful ju-ju for my Former Fat Chick’s brain. People believe in me.

That is pretty cool.


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