On a random dash into The Yarn Lounge, I walked out with 970 yards of Malabrigo Lace in colorway Lettuce.
I am positively in love with it. But it was a complete impulse buy. What will I do with almost 1000 yards of spring green love?

My thoughts run to:

Vernal Equinox, which would be a re-knit of the first lace project I ever worked, and the shawl itself came apart after Grace manhandled it soon thereafter.

Bitteroot just because it is beautiful.

Torreyana because it would be the most difficult thing I have attempted yet.

Aeolian because I have wanted to knit it forever and I adore Elizabeth Freeman’s works.

Freya because it is semi-circular and I am in that kind of mood.

Muir because it is rectangular and I have been wanting to try and tackle a rectangular wrap.

Those are just the projects that come to mind based on my queue and favorites list on Ravelry and what yardage I have. I would appreciate any thoughts, opinions, and suggestions any of you might have.

I have been bitten by the spring green lace bug, but have yet to settle on an outlet. Please help!


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