Coming Up Short

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Who stuffs herself into the moral equivalent of a sausage casing, allows herself to be seen in her office and public in said casing, and goes for a 3 mile run to an island in the middle of the James River at lunch?


I came back from my run all excited because I thought I had run 3.25 or so miles in 32 minutes, but the wind was taken out of my sails when I mapped it and found it was a quarter of a mile shorter than I thought.

However, these 3 miles include a lot of hills, and I took only 3 walking breaks; 2 of them were on the ramps taking you 40 feet up to the Belle Isle footbridge. If I hadn’t plopped myself on a rock at the turn around point to look at the river for almost a full minute, I would have beaten last weekend’s fast time on the flat track. That same distance last summer took me more like 45 minutes.

I have this fantasy of not having to take a walking break at all during the Superhero 5k on April 9th. I am not worried about finishing (I will), and I am not worried about winning my age bracket (I won’t), but I have a personal goal of doing it in 30 minutes, and a secondary goal of doing it without a single walking break. Lots of work and sweat ahead. I would love any pointers any of you might have for your first race. I am trying not to overthink it, but I would like to be prepared.

I am currently stuck in a knitting rut. I have reached the point of loathing the Charade socks. I am almost to the heel now, not quite half way done with the second sock after 2 solid weeks. I am wondering if I should just grit my teeth, think of England and persevere, or cast on something more interesting for a bit, OR pull out April’s Sock Club socks on April 1, and cast them on whether Charade is done or not. Green and yellow color work socks sound so very lovely at this moment.

I have garb to sew this weekend too, and since they are calling for, get this, S N O W, on Sunday, it doesn’t sound like the kind of weekend where it will be hard to sit at the sewing machine because my heart is aching to be outdoors. I would really like to get at least one thing accomplished and off my list of to-dos right now.

Wouldn’t that be lovely?


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  1. May you have a weekend of great accomplishments and list-crossing-off! That would indeed be lovely, or as they say in My Fair Lady, Loverly. Have a great weekend — hang tight, warmer weather will be here eventually. : )


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