Catching Up

In spite of my best attempts to fail, I give you my completed February SCSC2011 contribution.
I did not get a single decent picture of the pair, so please forgive me.
Yarn- Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks that Rock Lightweight – Colorway – Lucy in the Sky
Pattern: Leyburn
Needles: 2.75 (US2)
Modifications: Knit toe-up and was a bit willy-nilly with my stitch count. Knit for a Women’s Size 10. 2×2 twisted rib cuff.

Leyburn is the first pattern I have repeated because I liked it so much. It works very well on busy yarns and does a great job breaking up some of the STR’s tendency to pool. I would even knit it again, just not right now.

So, in news of the sad and broken, the Tuesday before Ymir, my top left wisdom tooth gave way. It has been useless for years, broken and slowly going away, and of course, it picked the night 3 days before I left for North Carolina to finally raise my “pain quotient” over my “fear quotient” for a dentist visit. I held on until last Tuesday to schedule my appointment, on Wednesday, received lots of antibiotics and the biggest percocets I have ever gotten (double the dosage from the ones I was given after abdominal surgery!), and on Friday, under a heavy dose of nitrous gas, said goodbye that wisdom tooth.

I have been in a Percocet haze ever since, until today. I think that fact makes it even more impressive that I managed to finish February’s socks.

So last Wednesday, since I was half way to Powhatan anyway, I decided to drive the extra 15 minutes from my dentist to Holly Spring Homespun and celebrate the fact that this particular dental disaster was not going to cost me $3K like the one last summer did.
Yes, I got more yarn for another Not Really Noro Scarf. Yes, I see the blue. Yes, I am aware it is an illness. To make up for yet more blue, and to try and cure my silk craving, I picked up:
Zitron Noblesse.
Feels amazing. I foresee a pair of fingerless mitts for my chronically cold hands.

Also in the realm of “not blue,” here is a picture of one of the gifts I received at my Pelican ceremony. Photobucket
This is a handmade glass medieval-style rosary made by my glass-working friend Christine.

Further, not blue, and also a gift at my Pelican Ceremony:
Black, silk and cashmere fingerless mitts made for me by Lady Cindel. This is the first hand knit gift I have been given since I was probably an infant, and they are divine.

And best of all, in the category of Not Blue:
My first Lenten Rose has bloomed.

Spring is just around the corner.


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  1. Cindel made me a pair of fingerless gloves just like yours and they are divine. I know you will enjoy them!


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