As often as I have been writing, you would not think my goal of at least a Post-per-Week would be in jeopardy, but this week, I am at a bit of a loss for words.

I am in the SCA and have been for over 10 years now. Finding the SCA and becoming completely enveloped in it was probably the defining moment of my life to this point, because the SCA opened the door to my marriage, my daughter, my life in Richmond, and is even responsible for my knitting. It is responsible for pretty much all the travel I have done in the past decade, and allowed me to go to places and do things I never would have had the opportunity to do otherwise.

My passion in the SCA is armoured combat and for many reasons, mostly excuses, I am not a fighter right now. The other passion of mine in the SCA is just having fun, and early on, I learned that the way I like to have fun was to be around my friends, who were all having fun doing stuff like making events happen, putting out food for a couple hundred other friends, and stuff like that.

I learned it was fun to go to events, but we have to have events to go to, and someone has to make those events happen, so I learned how to be a Big Picture Person (I am not and never could be a Detail Person), and I learned how to draw a big picture, and how to apply Detail People to the picture, and keep it all together and somehow, the picture always became an event.

I learned that it was fun to see my friends when they walked in the door, so I sat at the Gate of some events. Money is scary to me, but being the first smile SCAdians might see when they walked on site raised the “fun quotient” over the “Scary Money quotient.”

The kitchen is one of the most fun spots at an event, but I am not really into cooking on a large scale. However, since I ran the dish washing station for the Student Dining Hall and cleaned up after a few thousand college kids at my college for financial aid, it turned out that washing a few dishes for a couple of hundred friends was no big deal. Besides, I kind of dig calling myself the scullery maid.

I even thought it was great fun playing in the mud when I was pushing cars out of the mud at a few really nasty events, earning the nickname Mud Dauber.

And here is where my words fail me.

In the past 4 months, my friends, who have all been so busy showing me how to have fun and do stuff over the past decade, got even busier. About 4 months ago, Their Majesties asked a group of people if they thought I was worthy of joining their ranks. Apparently, they thought so, and Their Majesties were so minded to include me with that group, the Order of the Pelican.

The Order of the Pelican is one of the three bestowed Peerages within the SCA, and according to the Atlantian Award Recommendation Site, it is “[g]iven to those subjects who have provided exceptional and unremitting service over many years.”

For 4 long months, my friends have been keeping this to themselves, all the while busying themselves to make sure that the vigil and ceremony would be an incredible experience for me, one that met my wishes and one that was special for those who took part in it. There are epic tales about the Saga of the Dress. There were hoodwinks, hijinx, and cloak and dagger games.

On Friday night, somewhere around 9 p.m., Their Majesties put me on vigil near the list field, under a full moon, while my friends sang around a fire and ate delicious food put out by my cooking friends. People came and talked to me until about 1 a.m., and said some very nice things about me.

Saturday morning, I donned a stunningly made and fitted dress, the “mud dauber” brown wool I picked out years ago, and in a ceremony before the assembled populace, was decked in the accoutrements of the Order, swore an oath of fealty to the Crowns of Atlantia, and was elevated to that Peerage.

Again, words fail me.

I am not able to express how much last weekend meant to me. How much I appreciated every detail. How much I appreciate that they all went through a bit of stress and probably no small amount of frustration as they dealt with me and my tendency to be obstinate, while I was blissfully unaware of all the activity taking place around me.

I cannot express it the way I want to, I cannot repay them, and thank you notes don’t really cover it, so that means I have to pay it forward. I just hope I can and that I can do my friends justice.


3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Kristin/HLMauera on February 24, 2011 at 1:29 PM

    Congratulations! I understand the awe of it although I never expect to experience elevation to a peerage. I’m sure you are quite deserving and I’m glad your friends worked so hard to make it such a wonderful experience.
    HL Mauera Cethin
    Kingdom of An Tir


  2. Posted by Carol New on February 24, 2011 at 4:21 PM

    Hooray!! :-)


  3. […] will also remember it as the year I received my Pelican in the SCA and as a year in general where I gave most of my spare time to the SCA, at least up […]


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