Not Quite

We are so close to the start of Spring that it hardly seems possible that temperatures were still firmly in the teens when I left for work this morning. In fact, it was cold enough that my truck gave the slightest hesitation before turning over. For Virginia, and for a relatively new battery, that is cold.
Snow or Sky?
(This was what the sky looked like on Wednesday evening; really neat clouds came in ahead of the slightest dusting of snow. Pretty good shot of the sky taken at 60 MPH on I-95, if I do say so myself.)

As nasty as this Winter has been, I suspect last night was the last time this season we will visit those teens. Lows for the coming week will be as cold as the upper 20s (which seem totally reasonable after a 15 degree morning) and as warm as the low 40s. There are some highs in the 60s coming. We are almost to Spring. Just not quite.

I finished sewing a dress for the SCA event we are going to next weekend, but it doesn’t have all the embellishments I intended for it. It probably won’t get all the trim and the beads I was sort of dreaming of; certainly not in time for next weekend, probably not ever. But the underdress for it is still woefully far from being ready to go. Not quite ready to go yet.

The first Leyburn sock is finished and has been since last weekend, but the second one has only a couple of rounds of the toe started, and has not been touched since a disastrous Tuesday night venture to Chick-fil-a to let Grace play in the play area while I knit and drank coffee. (It was disastrous because it involved another kid puking everywhere and closing the play area less than 10 minutes after we got there…a veritable Greek tragedy as far as Grace was concerned.)

I have devoted a lot of time to Ishbel since Tuesday, but I am at the Black Hole stage that all shawls and shawlettes go through, where you are only a dozen or so rows from being done, but no matter how much you knit, you are still only a dozen or so rows from being done. A quick count shows that I am actually 10 and a half rows from casting off (I had to stop last night at the halfway point of a row; I was losing a battle with a bottle of Merlot). Those 10 rows will probably take me as long as the first 60 rows of stockinette stitch did. It can’t be helped, but it is depressing to spend 2 hours on your knitting and have seemingly nothing to show for your time.
I tried getting some pictures this morning of Ishbel. The conference room where I take most of my photos faces southwest so it gets terrible light before late afternoon, so I apologize for the lousy lighting of my shots.

Because of the bad light, it was difficult to get an accurate picture of the real color of the pink Kidsilk Haze. The photo above is just about perfect, but everything else ranged from lavender to magenta. Cameras are silly creatures. As bad as this photo is, it does demonstrate one important thing.
That little ball of Kidsilk Haze is what is currently left so far of the first ball of yarn in the project. It has been like the Giving Ball; it just goes on and on. To be sure, I am going to tap into the second ball before the remaining 10 and a half rows are finished (unless it really does go all Elijah with the oil and flour on me), but I am very impressed with just how far a single ball of Kidsilk Haze has gotten me with Ishbel.
One last photo, not quite a good one, of the not quite finished Pink Fuzzy Ishbel. It sort of fits the theme of the week.

Not quite there yet.


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