It seems February is always kind of blue. My memories of Februaries past all look just like today. Gray. Overcast. Blue.
The SCSC2011 February Socks are appropriately blue.
A nicer blue than the weather outside, for sure, but still blue. February is always a little warmer and lighter than January, but it is always more overcast and damp, too.

You know my (unloved) February Lady Sweater? It’s blue, too.

I wish now I had set up my March sock club socks to be in a green colorway. Or peach. Or yellow. Something pastel. But not what I have bagged and set aside.

You’ll never guess what color they will be…
Or maybe you will. It’s a sickness and I can’t explain it.
Even my finger is blue.
(This actually annoys me a little.)


3 responses to this post.

  1. Blue as things may be (laughed out loud at the finger!), there is nothing like reading your posts to chase the “blues” away! : )


  2. PS: I assume the blue finger is from yarn dye, and not anything serious?

    Actually since I’m someone with Raynaud’s, I maybe shouldn’t have laughed. Hands turning color is one of the symptoms.

    So, kindly forgive if it’s not dye. Sending best wishes.


    • Posted by laruse on February 7, 2011 at 10:06 AM

      Yup, just bleeding yarn, nothing more serious. Hope you are well and thanks for posting! :-)

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