What Is The Downside?

I cast off the Faux-oro Scarf today. I love it, even though by the 5.5 feet mark, I was finally tired of K1P1.
I love this scarf.
No. I love this scarf. I have been intending it for a co-worker who earned a promotion and left us back at the first of the year, moving up to bigger and better things a couple of floors below me. It would look nice with her black winter coat and I have been meaning to knit her something forever.

But…I love this scarf. I am having a little trouble parting with it at the moment, even though I have a perfectly wondrous cashmere scarf (Christmas gift!) and a beautiful handspun scarf in colors I strongly identify with (russet gold, brown, red, and cobalt blue; very Autumn colors), and the Traveling Woman scarf, and the ability to knit myself any other scarf I could possibly want.

I need to just bundle it up, stick the congratulatory note on it, and walk it downstairs to her, right now or this thing might glue itself to my neck. It’s not like I couldn’t wrangle up another $15 and go get the two balls of yarn I needed to make another one. I mean, really, it only took, what, 10 days of puttering around with it to get it done?

But I am just enamored with it.
Pattern: Noro Striped Scarf
Size- 4.5 inches wide, about 5.5 feet long
Yarn: Universal Yarns Classic Shades (2 balls)
Colorway: Rainforest
Needles: 4.5 mm (US7)
Modifications: I cast on 38 instead of 39 stitches by accident, and chose not to rip back and start over once I realized my “modification” 3 inches later.

Ms. Stephanie really deserves a scarf. Time to go hand deliver it before I simply cannot be parted from it.

(I’ll just have to get back out to Powhatan and get more yarn. I’ll be stimulating my local economy. There is no downside here. Right?)


3 responses to this post.

  1. What a beautiful scarf — and beautifully knit. The colors are amazing and perfect for a gift since they would go well with so many things. You were smart not to rip back; it’s perfect as it is.


  2. Posted by Kitty on February 4, 2011 at 7:27 PM

    You’ve even got me wanting to make that scarf and I detest K1 P1 and scarves. Maybe when you go to Powhatan I could play sidekick. It never hurts to know where the yarn is.


  3. […] was not going to cost me $3K like the one last summer did. Yes, I got more yarn for another Not Really Noro Scarf. Yes, I see the blue. Yes, I am aware it is an illness. To make up for yet more blue, and to try […]


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