Happy New Year To Me

Happy February
Lucy In The Sky Leyburns
Yarn-BMFA Socks that Rock Lightweight
Colorway – Lucy in the Sky
Needles- 2.75 mm (US2)

I spent my lunch hour sitting in a warm corner of Shockoe Espresso working on the beginnings of this sock, and enthralled by the way that the Leyburn pattern does a great job preventing the Socks That Rock yarn from pooling. I can tell it would if not for those long floating stitches. Most Blue Moon yarns tend to pool from my experience and from viewing projects on Ravelry. The last pair of Blue Moon socks I knit, I knit from both ends of the ball, alternating the yarn ever two rows; a real hassle for a 2×1 rib plain vanilla sock. If I had been working with two separate balls, I would have alternated between the two balls. Working from either end of the same ball works fine too. I just don’t like socks with pools of color.

So, I do my Leyburn pattern slightly differently than the pattern suggests, primarily because I am always knitting for feet bigger than a women’s 7.5, and also because I am not knitting on two circular needles. I cast on using Judy’s Magic Cast on, increase up to 60 stitches (15 per needle) and then M1 for the patterned side of the instep, and then M1 after the heel when I start on the patterned part of the leg. Works out this way: Needles 1 and 3 have 15 stitches and needles 2 and 4 have 16.
Coffee and Knitting
It doesn’t work out as “jogless” the way the pattern does as written, but it is not too noticeable and I am lazy and like this brainless method.

So the good news is it is not January anymore. January is my least favorite month in spite of it being my birth month; cold, dark, crappy weather, etc. February isn’t much better, but it is a little better. February is when I start turning over the garden. February is when I start seeds indoors. February is when the daffodils come up and peas can be planted, and the sun stays out long enough for me to get home and eat some dinner. February is when my SCA “season” starts back up. February is the beginning of my “new year.”

So, Happy New Year to me.


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  1. Posted by Kitty on February 4, 2011 at 7:24 PM

    See, I love a yarn that flashes and pools but so far the only one I can get to do that reliably is Lorna’s Laces Shepard Sock. Looks like I need to find some STR of my own. Is their site the only lace it can be obtained?


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