Lucy in the Sky has been wound into a ball off 360 yards of squishy goodness, ready to cast on for a pair of Leyburn socks tomorrow, February 1st, the next sock in my SCSC2011 plan.

My skein had a lot less white in it that the one in the picture on BlueMoon’s page, but I understand the nature of handpainted yarns; you get what they dye. I think Mom’s Leyburns will be mostly navy blue socks with the trellis effect of the Leyburn pattern showing up in the grey/light blue. She wanted socks to go with blue or grey pants, so, hopefully, this will do the trick.

I have knit Leyburn before.
Grandma's Leyburns
This was my Grandmother’s Christmas gift this year; the yarn was Wisdom Yarns Marathon, Boston (not on the website anymore), but the purples, greens, and blues reminded me so much of the irises we used to have at my childhood home in Hampton, that I nicknamed them the Iris socks.

The Faux-oro scarf is over 4.5 feet long and on its way to completion. I had intended to just let the colors come together holistically, uninterrupted, and allow for natural high and low contrast stripes, but…I just couldn’t do it. There came a point where black on black stripes were about to line up, and beyond that, the greens and blues were going to line up, so I chose to snip one yarn and start pulling it from the opposite end of the ball, reordering the stripes. The adjustment is almost 100% invisible and my stripes continue to contrast nicely.
I would never have believed that a 1×1 rib stitch could keep me so enchanted. I suppose it is the shifting colors. Still, it would be lovely if I could finish this today, so I am one less Work in Progress come tomorrow, when I cast on the February Socks of the Month.
Speaking of WIPs, I managed to get some work done on Ishbel this weekend too. I have completed charts A and B, and now need to work another Chart A before moving into C, D, and finishing with E. The Kidsilk Haze is proving to be the Giving Ball. I still haven’t come close to finishing the first ball yet, though I am certain I will have to get into the second ball to finish this out. The beads are slowing this project down to a crawl, but I really believe they are worth it.

Byram’s Jayne hat still needs ear flaps and a pom pom, and February Lady sweater is sitting unloved and untouched in a box. Such is the life of a WiP in my house.

Now for my best and most beautiful Work in Progress:
Pre-pancake breakfast.
Post-pancake breakfast (and visit with friends, trip to a museum, and a drive around a small college campus).

Finally, if you are in the Richmond area, I highly recommend paying a visit to the University of Richmond’s Modlin Art Center, where they are running an exhibition in the Harnett Museum of Art called Pilgrimage and Faith: Buddhism, Christianity, and Islam. With more than 75 objects from the three faiths on display, it was quite interesting. I was floored by just how beautiful the 12th-13th century Islamic ceramic tiles were. There was 15th century orphrey on display from a priest’s robes. It was awe-inspiring to get that close to the embroidery. There was stained glass from Canterbury that gave me goosebumps. But the two 12th century reliquary boxes just about sent me through the floor. There we were, Byram and I, looking at artifacts from the century that we have both studied so closely, within inches of items made by people who lived 800 years ago; things I have only gotten to see in books and on websites. Things people we have studied might have seen with their own eyes or touched with their own hands. It was cool on a level that is hard to describe.

I realized just how badly I need to get myself to the Cloisters and the Met up in New York.

Anyway, the exhibition is free, it is small, and even with studied reading and a not-whiney 3 year old, it should take less than 30 minutes to go through it all, and I encourage Richmonders to pay it a visit and get a little perspective on 3 of the major faiths and their art and history. It was good stuff.


3 responses to this post.

  1. Do they have any badges? I want to go anyway but badges would seal the deal:)


  2. Posted by laruse on January 31, 2011 at 2:54 PM

    Yes, they had either 5 or 6 badges, of which 3 were specific to Cantebury and Thomas Becket, one of which was the token of Becket’s Gloves, which I had not seen before. They were crazy cool.


  3. I am definitely checking that out!


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