The Yarn Crawl

And my January SCSC2011 socks are done.
Jan 2011
Pattern: Go With the Flow, Size 10.5 US men’s
Yarn: Classic Elite Alpaca Sox, Colorway is Cereza.
Needles: 2.75 mm DPN

Sadly, I could not get my camera to focus in enough on the stitch pattern, which is a very simple 2×2 zigzagged rib. The pattern was easy, the yarn entertaining, and the 15 row shifts helped keep my interest in what might otherwise have ended up in the “too boring to keep going” category. I knit them toe up, as is my want, short row heel, and a stretchy cast off. I finished them Saturday morning during the “quiet hours” at my house, between 4 a.m. and 7 a.m., when, more frequently than I would like, I am finding myself awake with a case of insomnia.

Saturday was an unfortunate time to have insomnia since there was a Yarn Crawl to go on with two nice ladies from the local SCA group. We went to Powhatan to visit Holly Springs Homespun, a local yarn store I have been itching to see for a couple of years, but just hadn’t made the trip to see. It was great. Nice ladies. Spinning supplies! The only place I know of locally that sells roving and spinning equipment. It was also cool because they carried Scarlet Fleece fibers, a local, Richmond area, independent fiber artist. I picked up two balls of Universal Yarn Classic Shades, in colorway Rainforest. More on this below.

From there, we went back east to Midlothian to see the ladies at Lettuce Knit, the LYS I tend to frequent the most. Lettuce Knit is small but normally very well stocked; perhaps they were in between their seasonal shipments because the selection was fairly thin. One ball of sock yarn in the whole place, and everything else was sort of thin pickings. They were loaded up with Noro yarns and anything out by Rowan, and there were several unopened shipment boxes sitting there, so maybe they are just waiting for spring yarns. Hope so, because they are my favorite LYS. I picked up two balls of Berocco Peruvia, in a orangy red color and a deep blue/teal color, with the intent of doing a colorwork hat and maybe matching mittens.

From there, we had lunch at Joe’s Inn, a local Italian eatery, that has sadly declined in quality over the years. I ordered a cup of gumbo, which consisted of Cajun seasoned broth, chunks of whole stewed tomatoes and chunks of portabella mushrooms. No meat or seafood. A few tiny pieces of okra floated in it. Good flavor, but very disappointing if you are expecting an actual gumbo.

After lunch, we ventured over to The Knitting Basket. I had tried to find the store before, but it was kind of a case of if you don’t know where to look, you will never find it. But what a find! The Knitting Basket had the most varied selection, the fewest “standard” brand names, and they were having a Handpainted Knitting Yarns.Com trunk show. Carol, our Yarn Crawl guide, could not resist one of the Giant Skeins. If you want yarn a little out of the ordinary in Richmond, you have to go to the knitting basket. I came away with a ball of Reynold’s Whiskey yarn, in the unimaginatively named colorway 31, which is a soft, dove gray, reminiscent of an opal to me with the heathered in blues, pinks, and white. I intend to knit Stephanie McPhee’s Pretty Thing with it.

Since I had just that morning completed a project, and I had not gone over my budgeted amount on yarn on the yarn crawl, I decided my reward was to instantly cast on a new project. I chose Jared Flood’s Noro Striped Scarf, using the Universal Yarn from Holly Springs.
The yarn is the same colorway and I am knitting them together in from opposite ends of the balls. I am trying to let it be random and enjoy the high contrast sections as well as what will be low to no contrast sections, but I feel am starting to feel a little twitchy about the possibility of having black on black stripes. Hopefully it will work out and be a neat looking scarf in the end.

In news somewhat related to my knitting, I just discovered that I have a Macro setting on my camera, which is the best setting for close up, ultra detailed photos. I hope this is going to take my photos to the next level.
Here is just one example of how much better knitting can look with a macro setting.
In poor, fluorescent lighting, just sitting on my desk, this shot is 1000x better than the one above, taken in natural sunlight, fussed over, with the colors somewhat skewed.
And one of the roses I received today.
That is good stuff, there.

This just tells me I really need to sit down and do some real reading on the art of photography.


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  1. Posted by Carol New on January 24, 2011 at 1:10 PM

    Wow! I had no idea you have this blog. Many interesting links amused me for quite some time. And I’ve got to say that the painted yarn page has some plug ugly clothing on it! :-)


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