I gave up New Year’s Resolutions several years ago. I always resolved to lose weight and I always ended up gaining. To me, the word “resolution” has only negative connotations as a result. The fastest way, in my own mind, to set myself up for failure is to make a resolution to do something.

Now, I choose to set myself annual “challenges.” These challenges are focused on myself and not included in the goals I have for my family. I actually did pretty well with last year’s challenges, but my standards were pretty low. This year, I am kicking them up a little I have higher expectations for myself, overall.

This year, my challenges are to write more, complete my Self-Created Sock Club projects each month on time, rebuild the strength and muscle mass I have lost due to gastric bypass, and participate in at least one formal race.

In order to meet any of those goals, I have to work at them and stay motivated. To aid in my writing goal, I have joined WordPress’ Blog a Week challenge. I chose the weekly challenge rather than the daily challenge because I recognize that I cannot commit to a post per day, but once a week is much more achievable. Obviously, I am going above and beyond that goal right now, but wait until those months of April and May hit; normally writing dry spells for me anyway, and this year, likely to be consumed by Sapphire preparation. Let’s see if I can do it then. I do love a challenge.

The Sock Club goal is purely to help my overall sanity levels throughout the year. I think it will help me in those months when it is easy to get overwhelmed by work, SCA, Pennsic, and other non-knitting activities. Knitting keep me calm, focused, and gives a mind and hand diverting activity when things are very stressful, but tends to be the first thing I drop when the going gets tough (actually, I think exercise goes first, then knitting). It will also make sure Christmas knitting is mostly done without waiting until October first to start coming up with 10 projects all due to be finished and under the Christmas tree in 2.5 months.

The strength training goal is related to two factors: first, I am shocked by how much functional strength I have lost, and second, without muscle mass, it is much easier to put weight on because your body uses more calories to feed muscle. I hate that I can see the outline of my ribs where pectoral muscles should be. I hate that picking up a 50 lb sack of flour is a test of fortitude for me. I hate that my forearms are a little stick-like. The only way to change that is to put some muscle on. Also, I need muscle mass and functional strength to fulfill my last challenge.

I decided this week what race I am going to enter. I just paid my registration fees and will be in the 10:30 a.m. wave of the Warrior Dash in Warsaw, Virginia on October 1.

If you have never heard of the Warrior Dash, it is seriously not your average 5K. It is a little longer than a 5K (3.26 miles at this Virginia location), and it contains an obstacle course. Not some cushy padded gauntlet to run through either; we are talking cargo nets, a wall, a junkyard to climb over, fire to leap over, a run through a creek, and a long crawl through the mud under barbed wire to finish out.

At the finish line, you receive a race t-shirt, a Warrior Helmet (think a fuzzy viking helmet with horns!), and, I kid you not, a beer. Sounds precisely like my kind of race.

I am going to blog my training and preparations on a separate blog, just for between now and October, so feel free to follow it if you are interested, but I don’t plan to link it to Facebook so I am not spam bombing my FB friends with even more blog posts each week.

The Mud Dauber in Training


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Kitty on January 21, 2011 at 9:58 PM

    I know I said I’d run a race with you, but you’re on your own for this one. I love ya but not enough to do mud and obstacles. I’m way too clumsy for that. :-)


  2. […] have been planning and training for this since January when it became the closest thing I had to a New Year’s resolution. It was a challenge to […]


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