Thinking Out Loud, Mostly

The flags everywhere are at half staff.
Half Staff
I would genuinely like it if every news-carrying website I visit would stop showing two pictures: the first being the picture of Congresswoman Giffords being carried away on a stretcher, exposed in her panty hose; and the second is the mugshot of Jared Loughner and that horrible leer. You could say just stop looking at the news, but it is part of my Yahoo mail and my homepage. She deserves a better, more dignified image (to be fair, most photos of her are portrait shots, and much nicer), and he deserves no visibility, whatsoever.

It is a gorgeous, if chilly day here in the River City. One of those days where I am grateful to be wearing my wool socks. The sky is that January Blue; different than a July Blue, very distinct to me. The photo above is a perfect example of January Blue. Clear, cold, and crisp. A good day for a short walk.
Shockoe Slip
Starting next week, I hope to start running again. It was back on Thanksgiving Weekend that I sprained my knee. I would like to report that the knee in question is back to 100%, but sadly, it is not. After almost two months of rest the fact that it still aches, and sometimes quite sharply, tells me this is going to be a long time in healing and that it is going to hurt whether I work it or not, so I might as well get moving again. I sat at my spinning wheel last night, listening to my running mix on my MP3 player, and caught myself picking up serious speed on the treadle as various songs took my mind back to hot, humid days spent circling around the Canal Walk on my lunch hour. I felt the need to run again.

The Go With The Flow socks for January have come to a practical standstill. The first one was cast off last Friday, but I haven’t gotten more than an inch beyond the toe of the second once since then. I have been insanely busy at work, knitting on Ishbel, and believe it or not, spinning, as mentioned above. I received some delicious Colonial top from Ashland Bay for Christmas; 16 ounces total, and I am working on the peacock blue/green batch first. The color is divine and Ashland Bay’s products are always a joy to spin.

Speaking of Ishbel…
Kidsilk Haze
That is the Kidsilk Haze. The colors are inverted, but I thought the shot was a neat one. You can see just how fine and ‘hazy’ the yarn is. A perfectly fluffy yarn. Perfect for its intended recipient.

This weekend will see clear skies and warmer weather than we have seen in a while. The gardening bug has bitten me, same as it does every mid-January. I have spent an inordinate amount of time floating around the Baker Creek Heirloom seeds site, as well as making lists, planning imaginary measurements in my mind (they are imaginary until I actually get the measuring tape out this weekend) and thinking about things like “What does my family actually eat?”

I am thinking about things like Swiss Chard, green beans, cucumbers, carrots, and of course, tomatoes. I am pondering things like starting such plants from seed and the inherent difficulty therein. The selection at my local nurseries for started veggies is absolutely abysmal, and they have not always been more productive than stuff I have started from seed.

I don’t have any answers yet for what my garden is going to look like or how I am going to start seeds or what heirloom varieties I am going to try versus modern hybrids, but spinning my mental wheels thinking about it all is certainly not the worst way to pass these dark winter weeks. Every year I do something better than I did the previous year; every year I learn something I didn’t know before. Eventually, I am going to get this right.

Maybe this will be the year?


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