New Year, New Knits

First of all, Happy New Year to you and thank you from the bottom of my heart for coming and reading what I have to say.

WordPress sent me a lovely little summary of my blog in 2010. I only wrote 53 posts for the year in 2010. Just a hair more than a 1 per week average. Back in the old LiveJournal days, I would post 7-10 times in a week sometimes; I don’t remember having all that much to say back then, but that didn’t seem to stop me. One of my goals for the New Year is to try and step up the quality of my posts this year.

So 2010 is over. I salute it for being an incredible year of changes and good fortune for my family and myself. I remember watching the Times Square ball drop closing out 2009 and thinking good riddance to bad rubbish. This year, I watched the ball drop and wondered if 2011 could even come close to being as good as 2010, and being filled with a mix of doubt and hope. On the one hand, it is hard to beat a year as good as this one, and on the other hand, you get what you expect. I really should raise my expectations.

I believe you set the tone of your year with how you handle New Year’s day. I spent the day knitting my first sock of my SCSC2011, taking Grace to the park and then out for hot cocoa at Starbucks, and spending time with my family. It was a lot of fun taking her to the park and for cocoa, though I have created an unpleasant little Starbucks diva. I was not very impressed when the plaintive whine escaped the backseat after Mass yesterday morning – “I wanna go to Stawbucks! I want hot cocoa!” I would be more grumpy about it, but that is exactly what my inner three year old sounds like when I am in a bad mood and was a sugar free, non-fat caramel latte.

Still, I was not amused by that unhappy shriek. Grace is at her whiniest stage ever and while I know it is temporary, it is not much fun. She has a ridiculously short fuse and can go from snuggly and pleasant to crocodile tears and full on freak-out in .23 seconds. Not pleasant. But while her tantrums are miserable, she is also amazingly sweet and seems to have a deep capacity for affection and kindness right now.

And, while I might be biased, and it is a mother’s prerogative to be so, I think she is beautiful.
The park is a great thing, by the way. Grace is old enough for me to mostly turn her loose to play, making sure she is playing nice with the others, and that the others are playing nice with her, but not having to help her up every ladder or talk her into braving the big twisty slide. I can knit, she can play, and we all go home happy.

Speaking of knitting:
Go With The Flow
Pattern: Go With the Flow socks.
Yarn – Classic Elite Alpaca Sox in Russet (apparently). This was the souvenir yarn from our Charleston trip last month.
Needles: 2.75 DPNs
Modifications: I am knitting them toe-up as is my want, and I did a crazy slip-stitch heel in spite of the short row heel, to make a cushier, somewhat thicker and hopefully tougher heel. It worked out, but short row heels aren’t exactly mindless to begin with, but adding in slipped stitches and making sure they line up was much more challenging.

I have some concerns about the socks. Not the pattern, it is quite nice, but the socks themselves. I did not realize that the yarn is not a superwash when we got it in Charleston. I also didn’t grasp the fact that it is a 2-ply yarn, further reducing its longevity. It does have a beautiful halo about it, which will be soft and warm, but doesn’t do wonders for a pattern where stitch definition is really the whole point. So the yarn is fairly delicate and will not hold up to tremendous abuse; not ideal for my wash and go husband, but I am of the mind that they are socks and they will not last forever no matter how well we care for them. Byram has been warned that they will last longest if they are reserved for weekend lounging and bedtime socks. I think he is less impressed with them as a result of the inherent fragility, but I know Byram, he will wear them with pleasure in the end, and I really do not care how long they last (well, let’s have them longer than a month or so, please) as long as they warm his feet and look nice doing so.

So I wouldn’t use this yarn for socks again in the future, though I do think it would make a phenomenal pair of mittens and matching hat.

February Lady Sweater is plugging along. I am about 5 inches down into the gull lace pattern, which has proven to be infinitely easy to memorize and track, so I adore it. I do not have to drag the pattern around with me everywhere to work on the sweater. Unless it blocks out much larger, it will not likely fit me, but I know of a lady who is small enough for it if it does not expand as I hope. (Somewhere, I hear Byram’s head spinning off…)

Ishbel will be started this week as well, which should be a fun and relatively fast knit, even if the mohair is a little intimidating. Does anyone have tips for blocking mohair? Steam block? Wet block? I haven’t any idea…

Thank you again, dear reader, for coming and reading, particularly those who come day in and out and read whatever it is I have to offer. I will leave you with my ‘Stawbucks’ diva.
Total Diva


4 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by KnitterInPink on January 3, 2011 at 2:09 PM

    Mmmm sock knitting. I have one gift-pair to finish then those needles are going straight in to the sock yarn I got for Christmas! And I want to do a Feb. Lady for myself as well! So fun!


  2. Best wishes for a peaceful and positive 2011!

    PS: Thanks for the sock info.


  3. Posted by Kitty on January 3, 2011 at 9:14 PM

    Always a quality read and I love the pictures!


  4. I loved your line about “you get what you expect.” Wiser words were never spoken. Happy New Year, and expect great things!


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