Help A Knitter Out!

I am basking in the glow of a successful Christmas knitting season, enjoying some spending money I received for Christmas, and plotting next year’s knitting adventures. Byram plans on using his Christmas money for entertainment devices, and so do I. What this means is that I am stimulating the wool economy.

Blue Moon Fiber Arts got a little bit of my Christmas money this morning. KnitPicks got a large chunk of it last night. When you order from KnitPicks, you might as well shoot for the free shipping, right?

I am so excited about the knitting plans I have for this year. I loved the Yarn Harlot’s self-imposed 2010 Sock Club and I am instituting my own Self-Created Sock Club for 2011. That means I am going to bag up 12 balls of sock yarn each with its own pattern, with the goal being to knit pair of socks per month. Then I will have 12 new pairs of socks, many of which will be intended for Christmas gifts, in addition to all the regular knitting I will do throughout the year.

This is taking a lot of effort and thinking. I don’t have all my sock yarn already in the house; it is mostly all on order and will be here by my birthday, so I am planning patterns for sock yarn I haven’t actually seen quite yet.

January is dedicated to several projects. My Sock Club sock will be Byram’s red Alpaca Sox in a pattern I will unveil after the 1st of the month. I also need to knit Ishbel in January (if not sooner) so I can deliver it to Ann when I see her in the middle of February.

February’s Sock Club will be Mom’s Birthday Socks. Her birthday is January 9th, but I have yet to deliver a birthday present before February, and this year will be no different. At least the yarn should arrive in time and I can present it to her for the actual day of her birthday.

March will be a manly pair of socks knit for my Father in Law. The pattern is Charade (Rav link), which doesn’t look especially manly in a purple variegated yarn, but will look great in a brown/green twist sock yarn I think.

April will feature colorwork. I chose Vellamo (site is in Finnish, but has a great picture of the socks). The socks will be in dark green and mustard yellow, and they will either be for my Mother in Law, or I will get selfish and be unable to pass them on, and they will become mine. I love that they are named for the Finnish sea goddess from mythology.

May in particular is tricky. The month of May is going to be pure pandemonium at my house because I am the autocrat of a very large local SCA event called Sapphire Joust. I need a pattern for a sock I can knit without having to drag paper around with me all the time. I settled on Jaywalker (Rav link, sorry) because I have knit the pattern before, both as a sock and as a scarf, and because the sock attempt went bad (she means it when she says the pattern has no give). I know I can knit the Jays in my sleep, which I won’t get too much of in the month of May, but the pattern is interesting enough that I will want to work on it when I am not working on Sapphire projects.

Then in June, I have settled on knitting Falling Tears because they are absolutely stunning, and I am intending them for my Grandmother, who has small feet and the socks will go quickly. Since the Jays in May (see, it is the perfect month for that pattern) are intended for my dad, with his size 12 feet, I am going to appreciate knitting for a 7.5 sized foot in June.

June is as far as I have gotten. Of the patterns I have chosen so far, there is no lace. I have two patterns in foreign languages (both with translations though). I have only one with colorwork. Most I will knit toe-up, making whatever alterations necessary to do so, but at least Falling Tears will be knit top-down (I really like the heel structure). All the sock yarns to that point are solid (or a twist of solid green and brown in the case of the Charade socks) colors.

I need help filling in the last six months of my Sock Club. So please help a knitter out!

I have one variegated yarn in autumn colors and multiple complimentary solid colors (think colorwork). Also, I got two balls of Knit Picks Chroma sock yarn. So, I need suggestions for what to knit out of a Noro-style sock yarn, too. I got the New England colorway (love the earthy tones in that) and the Prism colorway (which HAS to go to my Sister in Law because she will love the Rainbow Bright aspect of those socks!). I am not into really lacy and open socks, but I am open to trying new things; do bear in mind I only knit on DPNs and I have run into a rare pattern or two that really only works well on Magic Loop or two long circulars.

Please leave your thoughts and pattern suggestions in the comments! I really need ideas!


4 responses to this post.

  1. I love the Chrade pattern — you’re right, they’re a perfect pattern for a man — I’ve marked it as a favorite. Thank you for sharing. It’ll be fun to read as you knit a sock each month. Best wishes for the best year of knitting so far!

    Ravelry: leebernstein


  2. Posted by bdb on December 29, 2010 at 3:21 PM

    You know I love you with all my heart, but if you even think of knitting another sock without finishing my beer socks, I will set your stash on fire!!!! :-)


  3. Posted by Kitty on December 29, 2010 at 7:54 PM

    You know you are welcome to come browse my stash of yarn and patterns any day.

    Good patterns for self striping-

    We need to hang out and knit sometime. I’m tired of only going to work and never doing anything else.


  4. Posted by Kitty on December 29, 2010 at 8:32 PM

    Ooops! Nearly forgot a favorite

    And I definitely think you should do lace so I challenge you to do some lace and then tell me how you liked it. I’ve been too nervous to try.


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