Watch The Knitter Freak Out

Our Christmas was merry and bright. Also, our White Christmas was not only in our dreams. We had the real deal. A first in my memory. I am very sorry for all the travelers who are stranded, including our friends Jayson and Melanie who went to Montreal for Christmas.

Christmas with a 3 year old was a lot of fun. She was quite well behaved and more reserved than I expected. Grace is a true Santa believer now, and corrects us when we say stuff like “We put gifts in Ama’s stocking.” “No, Santa did, Mom.” We explain that Santa visits children but that adults give gifts to each other in the tradition of the Three Wisemen bringing gifts to the baby Jesus, and to show our love and affection for each other, but that doesn’t hold nearly as much water with her as does the idea of “Santa’s on the rooftop,” as she says.

Byram got me books, yarn, fiber from Brush Creek Wool Works, small sized ear buds for my MP3 player (I am not the only person in the world with little ear holes, thankfully), and other nice things. My list consisted of homesteading guides and wool, primarily, which indicates I am becoming a hippy, I think, except I also requested and received Thoughts of a Philosophical Fighter Pilot by James Stockdale. Not so counter culture and hippy, that one.

Byram even took Grace to Lettuce Knit where she picked out a sock yarn just for me. He tried to guide her towards blues and greens, but she picked Berocco Sox in the brightest red/pink/orange colorway possible (1450 – Miller, in case you want to see how bright they are for yourself). I adore it because my daughter chose it just for me, even if the colors are the antithesis of me. I am thinking of either knitting a pair of Leyburn socks for me out of it, or a hat and pair of mittens for her out of it.

I also requested and received yarn with which to knit Eileen from Knitty. Byram got me the exact color, yarn, and number of skeins I requested, except I apparently stroked out when I made my request and requested exactly HALF of the number of skeins I need to knit the sweater. I apparently believed it was 220 yards per ball, when it is 110 yards. I am going to order the other half either today or tomorrow, and throw myself upon the altar of the knitting goddesses and hope KnitPicks can either find the same dyelot or that what they do send me is close enough not to matter. This is always the way with me. I will get the yarn right and the yardage wrong, or the yardage right and the gauge just doesn’t work, or the color is completely wrong, or something. Ah well.

*HOLD THE PHONE* I went to order the second batch of Wool of the Andes Worsted in Winter Night, and they are SOLD OUT until January 28!!!!!!!!!!! This certainly means I cannot get any more of that dyelot, and since it will be a totally new production batch altogether, there is really no chance of it matching what I have. I am giving serious consideration to returning the seven balls I have and starting over. That howling you hear is me, rending my little knitter’s heart for screwing this up so badly.

It might not be a total loss. A quick search on Ravelry brought up the February Lady Sweater, which I have really been wanting to knit. I have the yardage to knit the smallest size available, and since I have read that the sweater grows and it tends to run a little big, I theoretically should be able to fit it. So…maybe I am shifting gears from Eileen to the FLS that everyone on Gods’ Green Earth has knit? That works for me too.

Whew. Well then. I think you just witnessed the stages of Knitter’s Grief play out across a blog entry. First there came Disgust (“I cannot believe I got the yardage completely wrong!”), then came Steady Determination (“I can fix this, I will just order the rest of it.”), then came Shock and Awe (“WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU’RE SOLD OUT!!), then came the Search and Substitute stage (“To Ravelry! Quick, find something else that works with what I already have.”) and finally came Acceptance (“Whew, I found a pattern I like that meets my yardage requirements.”).

(Have you ever seen a blog post get hijacked quite like this one before? I write these things over the course of anywhere from 30 minutes to a couple of hours, so sometimes you cover a whole lot of territory with me.)

Anyway, back to Christmas. Well, it really was lovely, but it was incomplete without being able to go to Midnight Mass. Hell or high water, next year, I want to go to Midnight Mass, even if it means Grace sleeps on my shoulder, or worse, doesn’t sleep at all. We couldn’t go to the Feast of the Holy Family mass on Sunday either due to the heavy snow.

Now, we are in the supposedly slow week between Christmas and New Year’s, but my work has been completely slammed for the past two weeks, and we are very shorthanded for staff, as well. Only because I had extra long phone duty this morning have I been able to even get this blog off the ground. I hope to post again this week with pictures from our family visits, and hopefully some finished objects.

By the way, Byram’s ClipClop gifts were two pairs of socks. One was a Vanilla Pair (plain but for a ribbed cuff) in Cowboy’s blue stripes (Lion Brand Magic Stripes), and one was a pair of Earl Grey socks by Stephanie McPhee, in KnitPicks Essential, Colorway Auburn. They are gorgeous and soft. He loves both pairs, and I am thrilled to say I finished them with 27 hours to spare from Christmas day.

As I cut my Christmas knitting so very close this year, I am promising to start knitting for next Christmas starting…right about now.

I hope your holiday was merry and bright and may all your Christmases be white.


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  1. Small earbuds? Earbuds always feel so tight in my ears. That might be what I need. Do you know what brand you got? I’ve never seen them before.


  2. Posted by Kitty on December 28, 2010 at 10:14 PM

    Donya (Oddny) has started a Ravelry group for people who want to knit a Christmas gift a month in 2011. Her rav name is craftydoni if you’re interested in joining us.


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