Ice on the James

How do you know when it is Christmas? When the knitter stops posting pictures of her knitting. When the knitter knits for a couple of hours at work (after everyone else has been sent home for inclement weather and she is waiting for her pick-up), comes home, knits some more, and then gets up in the middle of the night and knits even more. Wash, rinse, repeat. When the knitter dreads the weekends because it is harder to knit without her work being visited by its intended receiver. When the knitter loses her mind when the intended receiver starts rummaging through her bag.

So, yes, knitting is happening, I just cannot let you see it yet. What I can tell you is I accomplished the first 50% of the Clip Clop gift between last Tuesday and yesterday evening. Now, I have less than that amount of time to finish the last 50%. I love the smell of wool at 4 a.m.; how about you?

Speaking of knitting, I did confirm that Byram’s Charleston sock yarn was in fact Classic Elite Alpaca Sox. I believe it is Colorway Cereza (cereza is Spanish for cherry, and is also the name of an Argentine wine grape, which amuses me to no end). It could be Russet, but it is hard to tell from looking at the screen and not having the yarn in my hands. The man has good taste in yarn. Another reason I know I married the perfect man.

Further proof I married the perfect man? He has embraced wool as the best possible knitting fiber, and has requested I reknit him his “Jane hat” in wool yarn. I knit that hat a few years ago out of Vannas’ Choice acrylic, because back then, he was less convinced by the power of wool (also, he was in the “allergic” category because like many wool allergics, he had not experienced good wool yet). After Christmas, I am going to make my big annual Knit Picks order, and will get appropriate colored yarn to comply with his request.

So, what is a Clip Clop gift? Years ago, there was a Simpsons episode where Lisa was promised a pony for Christmas named Clip Clop. Needless to say, things turned out badly for Clip Clop and Lisa is still without a pony, but Clip Clop became our codeword for a super-secret handmade gift. Byram made me the first Clip Clop; a handmade, small wooden box, stained in a pretty red stain, intended to hold various sewing notions. I knew he was making something and stayed out of the way while he was working on it. Same goes for my Clip Clop gift. He knows I am making something, and when I seclude myself in the downstairs Cave, he knows (if he notices I am down there) to not look directly into my lap.

So, what he was thinking going digging around in my knitting bag is beyond me. He claimed he was hunting for the camera, which he had pulled out earlier to take pictures of the snow, so…hm.

Snow? Yes, we have had snow. In Virginia. Before Christmas. That was miserable enough to send us home yesterday and delay us coming in today. When I was a kid, I grew up near the James River, except I was at the end where the river is 4 miles wide and is salt water. Because it almost never snows along the east cost of Virginia, my dad would tell my brother and I that it could not snow unless there was ice on the James River, which does not happen in really deep salt water. It was a convenient way to keep Matt and I from getting too hopeful for snow that really wasn’t coming. I have never forgotten that, so when I saw the James River here in Richmond with a decent coating of ice, Dad’s old saying came to mind.
That is the Turning Basin along the Canal Walk. Not the river itself, but quite icy.
I took these shots on Wednesday. It was 16 degrees on Wednesday morning when we left for work. Thursday, we had two inches of snow and an unpleasant, crunchy coating of ice. The James River had ice on it and we got snow.

Thanks Dad. You were right.

I don’t know what next week will bring. It is a short week at work, and there is a threat of big snow over the weekend, making Monday look a bit sketchy. I might run out of time, energy, or even topics to blog about, so if you don’t hear from me again, Merry Christmas to you and yours.


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  1. Merry Christmas to you and yours, too, and may your knitting keep “happening” at full speed.


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