A Magical Kind of Weekend

I took 66 pictures between last Friday and Sunday morning. It is probably a record, but I am growing to really enjoy the act of taking photos.

It was kind of a dark and gray weekend. This made it the perfect weekend to put up our Christmas decorations. Our tree is a tiny little 6 footer that I bought at Wal-mart for $20 when I moved into my little studio apartment in 2002. Our star came from the same purchase. Our tree is a perfect mish-mash of Byram and I. We have mixed white and colored lights since I like colored lights and he prefers white lights. I have my icicles and clear, iridescent bead garland on there, and he has his gold instrument garland. The ornaments are without a theme or color scheme, but heavily favor fleur-de-lis, Winnie the Pooh, musical instruments, crosses, snowmen, and bears. The tree is quite eclectic but is representative of us, our family, our hobbies, and the things that bring us joy.
Speaking of joy.
I know it’s dark, but the flash just removed all the magic from that moment. And it really was a magical kind of weekend.
Check out the Christmas Princess, here. Tree skirts can double as really awesome cloaks!
It really finally dawned on me why we put up lights at Christmas. I mean, really hit me. While putting up the decorations in the dark grayness of the house, the symbolism of driving away the darkness of winter with all those lights really sank in. I mean, I realize that it is all right there on the surface and I sound pretty dense for not getting grasping it sooner, but it really meant something to me this year. I dread the gray, cold, and dark months from November until March, and as the tree came together and the ornaments caught and reflected the light and brightened our whole living room, it sank in how and why this practice even started.
So, as I said, it was kind of dark and gray this weekend, or at least Saturday in particular. And here’s why.
Snow. Cold, frozen precipitation fell from the sky, lightly dusting our world in a powdered sugar coating. I have not, in my life, seen it snow (and stick) this early in the season, but I have lived the majority of my life within a stone’s toss of the beach, where snow at any time was pretty rare. It was the perfect kind of snow. I didn’t have to be out driving in it, the roads didn’t go bad in our area, and by noon the next morning, it was completely gone.

Must be going now as real work calls, but I will leave you with a shot of the huge lights display that is just down the street from my house.


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