So, Traveling Woman not only still lives after a tipsy cast on, but she is thriving. I am 75% of the way there with her; only 13 more rows. I used the Smooshy Dream in Color sock yarn Kitty gave me, and it is very smooshy, very dreamy, and very pretty.

Thanksgiving at our house was calmer than in most years; a fact I greatly appreciated since I slept very little the night before. Our families did everything right to avoid drama and tension. My grandma came early and I handed over Gracie-duty to her so that she would have a full hour of Grace’s undivided attention before Nana and Papa arrived. My in-laws were relaxed. My poor father-in-law is so deaf now he can no longer participate in general conversation. My mother-in-law talked, like usual, about nothing serious or in particular, so we didn’t brush up against any controversial topics. My sister-in-law was unusually lucid and also very low key, which was lovely. The food was good, the setting was warm and pleasant, and in general, it was one of our best Thanksgivings.

Unfortunately, I spent the rest of the weekend hovering between being exhausted, and bored and antsy. I had no will to go out and fight the crowds, and at the same time, absolutely no desire to be stuck in the house. Traveling Woman helped me direct my focus, as did cooking left-overs, and trying to regain control of the house. Saturday, we had a very pleasant Thanksgiving dinner with friends; prime rib and oodles of wine enjoyed with lovely friends. That was very nice.

On Sunday, Byram was feeling well enough to take over kid control in the morning and I got a 2 hour sleep in. It was like heaven and when I finally did get out of bed, I felt truly good for the first time since the nearly sleepless night before Thanksgiving. We had lunch out, and then I decided I had to do something physical and active. My choices were going for a free run at the local park, or spending $10 and ice skating at the rink. I had “ice” skated at the Mall last week on a fake ice rink (some kind of heavy waxed poly-propylene plastic) and I had the bug to go do it again, this time on real ice.

My choice was the more expensive choice. (Much more expensive, as it turns out.)

I took myself to the ice skating rink and got out there with the other 80 or so people, skating around, finding my balance, and reacquainting myself with certain body mechanics I haven’t employed since I was a kid. Because there were a couple dozen unsteady kids there under the age of 10, plus a few dozen more over the age of 10 who were quite proficient but cared not a whit for the rules, it was not quite as pleasant as the 30 minutes I skated at the Mall last week, in the relatively warm, dark outdoors, with two other skaters, to gentle Christmas carols in the background. In fact, it was very cold, with blaring rap music, and wild kids everywhere, so I started to regret my choice to skate rather than run pretty quickly. Still, I wasn’t going to give up, even if I never came back again, I was going to spend at least an hour on the ice, getting exercise and enjoying time in my own brain. And it was going along pretty swimmingly; I was flying around the rink at a pretty fast clip when a little kid just to my right wiped out. I steered left and at the same time tried to slow down because I didn’t have a lot of control at that moment when something went horribly wrong. I am not entire sure what happened. I think I hit the toe pick (the brake) in a bad patch of ice because near as I can tell, my right leg just stopped and stuck, while the rest of me kept going. I hit the ice hard on my left wrist, shoulder, and hip, and from the blue streak left in the ice from the fibers of my jeans, I could see I slid about 8 or 9 feet. Two people came to help me up, but I was embarrassed and kind of dazed, so I got up on my own, and skated off without assistance, but only through sheer force of will and shame. My right knee was more decorative than functional at that point.

I sat for a few minutes and decided it was probably sprained. Having only been skating for about 20 minutes, I didn’t want to be done, and I also knew movement would delay the pain. I know the bad pain comes later with this kind of injury, so after 2 or 3 minutes, I went gingerly back out on the ice and skated another 30 minutes. The afternoon was wearing on and the rink was getting really busy, so the ice was really scored up. The rink guard told me they would not bring out the Zamboni; without reconditioned ice, I felt like I was very much at risk for taking another fall, so I decided to pack it in.

Today, my knee is puffed up (and now wrapped up), and I have a doctor visit on the schedule, likely to get x-rays (just to prove it is all soft tissue damage), and probably crutches. I am not amused at all by this turn of events. A $10 trip to the ice skating rink is going to cost me a $25 co-pay, plus whatever else insurance won’t cover since I still haven’t met my deductible since July 1.

The only good news I can take out of this is now I have a good excuse to put myself in the recliner and really finish out some Christmas knitting.

Pictures of Traveling Woman in her incomplete state are coming next. I promise. And hopefully pictures of her in a state of completion will follow that very soon.


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  1. […] Starting next week, I hope to start running again. It was back on Thanksgiving Weekend that I sprained my knee. I would like to report that the knee in question is back to 100%, but sadly, it is not. After […]


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