The Year of the Horseshoe

It’s a Friday night, I have had 4-6 ounces of beer, and I find I am suddenly obsessed with knitting Travelling Woman. By the end of this post, I will almost certainly be casting on (and also a full beer in the hole, too). Will Travelling Woman make it, or will I wake up in the morning, appalled by the apparent fling and the Traveller hit the Frog Pond?

And for what it’s worth, yes, I realize that the lace pattern in Travelling Woman is the one and same Horseshoe Lace pattern that was also in the afghan I worked earlier this summer, the Peacock and Leaves scarf that is sitting, untouched for months, AND the Handspun Horseshoe Lace Hat I knit while high on Percocet this summer.

It seems to be the year of the horseshoe.

Might as well embrace it, right?


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