Happy Thanksgiving

It is the week of Thanksgiving, a short and busy week normally and this year promises to be no different than previous years. Mr. Tom is thawing in the fridge, a homemade apple pie, pre-made last week, is in the freezer, recipes are floating around the kitchen, and in general, we are in a state of pre-feast limbo.

Thanksgiving is normally the day that officially begins the Christmas season in our house, and I expect that is the case for most people in general. This year, however, I have noticed something slightly different. As early as last Monday, I noticed a couple of houses with Christmas lights up, and even lit. By the middle of last week, I was seeing Christmas trees in the windows of a few houses and a couple of the apartments in the huge glass apartment buildings on Brown’s Island by the river. Last night, there was a sprinkling of fully decorated houses lit, ready for Christmas. Even my co-worker told me today she put up her tree this weekend, and she wasn’t really sure why, just that she was ready for it.

I have been thinking a lot about the early appearance of lights, trees, and even music (outside of retail settings, when in any given year you can find Christmas stuff around after Labor Day) and the only conclusion I can draw is that people are looking for a little extra joy and light in what has been a fairly dark and grim year for a lot of people. Maybe even for me. Ultimately, even I broke with one of my traditions and played Christmas music before Thanksgiving morning, as I was driving to and from Suffolk this weekend. I was still listening this morning as I drove into the city through very heavy fog, playing Trans-Siberian Orchestra’s “Christmas Canon; my favorite “modern” Christmas song. I found a lump in my throat and stinging eyes, and I am mystified as to the reason.

It has been a good year in general for me and for my family. In comparison to past years, this one has been low on drama and high in blessings. We have managed to pay off the last of our old credit card debts. We have kept our heads above the fiscal waters with being careful and with help and generosity of our families. With Byram still working only 4 days a week, and no hope of a raise for me before November of 2012, I am not saying life is easy, but we are getting by.

In spite of our blessings and good fortunes this year, I feel the dark grip of winter closing in and maybe feeling the need for a little extra light and joy myself. This was the view from the 10th floor of my granite tower this morning, just reinforcing the need for color and light.
My hope and prayer is that this coming Thanksgiving is a merry one, a pleasant one, and a source of warmth, light, love, and peace within our family. It is usually a source of dread and drama, but I am looking at it through different eyes this year. I am very cognizant of the fact that my table will be laden with a large bird, delicious bread, abundant vegetables and delectable desserts, and many around us will not be so fortunate. No matter what craziness comes out of my sister-in-law’s mouth, no matter how much jealousy and resentment my grandmother exudes, and no matter how much my mother-in-law’s incessant chatter will grate on me, I am actually grateful that we are all at least together, at least for one more Thanksgiving. We do not know how much time any of us are given. We do not know what Thanksgiving will look like at our table next year, so we must be thankful for what we have today.

And that is my prayer for you, too; that you find peace in whatever condition you find yourself in this Thanksgiving, and be mindful of whatever gifts you do have, no matter what you might be lacking, because you never know about tomorrow.

I am especially thankful for these two right at this moment.
Can anyone have it any better than I do?

If I cannot get it together to write again this week, I wish you a very blessed Thanksgiving.


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  1. Sending warmest Thanksgiving wishes back to you!



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