Foto Friday

It is one of those shockingly beautiful, clear, crisp autumn days in the River City, and I am climbing the walls being stuck here in the Cube Farm.
Church Hill
Yes, there has been knitting. I have proof.
Leyburns on Wisdom Yarns Boston Sock Yarn. Fun fun fun.
Circle Socks on Patons FX – Cameo colorway. Also fun.
We had some wild weather this week. An outbreak of tornados in the area. This is what the view looked like as they came over the city.
It is hard to grasp how eerie the sky looked and the picture cannot do the color or the movement in the sky justice.
But for now, the weather is perfect. I have Fall Fever, I believe.
Work is moderately busy but dull and I spend any free time right now scanning properties for sale and talking about gardening on the internet. I am thankful for my job, the income and insurance it provides, and the relaxed environment I get to work in, but some days, the gray walls and fluorescent lighting have the ability to drive me batty. Today is just one of those days.

I would say more, but honestly, I am just out of steam.

Have a fun Halloween everyone!


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  1. You can see the train station from your office? JEALOUS!!


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