The Evolution of a Sock

This was one of those weekends where two days just was not enough, and I have returned to my office and to “real life” feeling vaguely dissatisfied and let down.

That is not to say it was not a lovely weekend; Friday evening in particular. After grilling up a couple of pounds of shrimp and eating on our back deck together as a family, we picked up and headed into the West End to spend time with the Moyer family. I spent the evening hanging out with Commenter Extraordinaire Kitty, and she let me rummage through her fabulous stash. That lady has wool to die for. She gifted me with a skein of Dream in Color Smooshy sock yarn in colorway Happy Forest. Melt…

She let me look through her books and I tried (unsuccessfully) to repair a dropped stitch on a sock she was working on. We geeked for hours and I came home so inspired that I cast on a sock as soon as Grace went to bed.

My deepest wish was to cast on the Smooshy yarn for a pair of socks for myself, but I know Christmas is coming, so I cast on Leyburn on Wisdom Yarns Boston sock yarn, and had the toe completed before we turned out the light.

So instead of taking Miralda along for the ride to the family reunion on Saturday, I took my Leyburn sock along to see how far I could get. Turns out that I got much further than I thought I could.

Here we are before we hit the VA/NC border.
Now, this is about the time we arrived at our destination.
Turning the heel after lunch.
Back in the car for the trip home.
And the last decent picture I got in the car since the sky was very cloudy and I could not get any more decent light. We are about half way home at this point.
So it was mostly finished by Sunday, and I puttered around with the sock on and off all day on Sunday, even knitting a few rows on Miralda just for a change, but even before half-time of the Cowboys-Redskins football game last night, I cast off. This was probably hands down the fastest sock I have ever knit.
That fact caused a bit of rancor as a guest watching the game with us last night asked my husband about his Beer Socks, and a surprisingly bitter exchange ensued. I guess my next job is going to have to be getting those last few inches done.

It does not hurt that the Leyburn socks are intended for my Grandmother and her size 7 feet. I wear a womens 11 and Byram wears a mens 10.5. I am used to knitting big socks, so it was shocking how fast a sock goes when you knit 2-3 fewer inches than you are used to.

I am head over heels in love with the Leyburn pattern and it will definitely go in the “to be knit again” category, especially since it does wonderful things for really busy yarn. I want to knit them again with one of the Blue Moon STR Raven Clan colorways. I think Corbie or Thraven would look dead sexy for a pair of manly socks. I liked the pattern so much, I am thinking of knitting the Smooshy yarn into a pair for me, though I do not know if the semi-solid yarn would “pop” the smocked stitches out like a nice variegated yarn does.

My plan now is to cast the mate on this afternoon and hopefully make some headway. I strangely want this pair of socks finished as fast as possible. Part of it is a sense of urgency to return to Miralda and part of it is I want to really finally finish the beer socks so as to get that project off my back. And part of it is Christmas is coming and I am running out of pre-planned Christmas projects very quickly. I am going to have to come up with some ideas for the men in the family fast, and get to work, or just give up and go back to the old Outback gift card standard gift.

Now I leave you with this. A shot of my beloved at the reunion on Saturday. He is home feeling very poorly today and I hope he gets back on his feet quick.


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  1. didnt mean for it to be bitter, dearest. :-(


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