IK Fall Issue

I picked up the IK’s Autumn issue last night on a lark. I don’t know why it is, but I never like their patterns at the time the issues come out. Much later, some pattern will jump off the pages at me and I will wish I had paid the $6 for the whole magazine in the store rather than pay $5 for a single pattern on their site.

Nothing in particular jumped out to me except the Cloisonné Jacket. I love it. A little lace. Some nice color work. Very simple in all other aspects and it looks like something that would be flattering to wear. I want to use KnitPicks Wool of the Andes in colors Maple Syrup and Winter Night. Even needing 16 balls of yarn, I would still pay less than $40 for all the yarn.

The funny thing about Interweave Knits mag is that I rarely like any of their patterns at the time the mag is on the stand. It is only later, when a random Knitting Daily email lands in my inbox featuring some back-issue pattern that I fall in love with it, and would have to pay $5 for the single pattern rather than the $6 I would have paid for the whole magazine off the rack.

I should have gotten the issue with the Freyja sweater in it last year. I liked it when I saw it and now I love that sweater and I would like to own it. Now I would have to pay $9.99 for a digital version of the issue to get that one sweater pattern. Indigo Ripples is another IK pattern I wish I had picked up when it was on the rack rather than wait until now.

Part of it maybe that I am no longer “of a size” that knitting a whole skirt or a rather form fitted sweater is unreasonable, and no longer takes 20 miles of yarn or something like that. Part of it too is that my knitting tastes are still developing. I only learned to knit 2 years ago, and for the past two years, I would have sworn to you things like knitting cables gives me hives and purling is knitters who are tougher than I am. Now I am mellowing out about cables (almost to the point of embracing them) and the idea of reverse stockinette doesn’t give me chills like it used to. In fact, if I don’t get to do a little purling on a project anymore, I get a little twitchy. I suppose I am maturing as a knitter.

I am still too much of a cheapo to run out and buy patterns online. I have list of a bunch I would like to own, but none I have parted with cash for yet. That day will come eventually. I can sense that eventually, I am going to fork over that whole $1.99 for the Rona shawl, and one day, as God is my witness, I will pay up to own the Peacock Feathers pattern.

For now, I rely on the kindness of pattern designers who put out free designs. Knitty and Ravelry are still my best friends.


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