5 Years

So…let’s start with the good.

Five years ago today…
I married my best friend.
We did the full Catholic thing, with a few twists. We greeted our guests at the door of the Church. We walked down the aisle together. No hiding the bride here.
Later, we danced.
Then we rolled up our sleeves and partied. Our reception was great fun as everyone (but me) dressed down and relaxed for a 75 person BBQ.
In keeping with the 4th of July theme, we exited to sparklers.
It was all incredibly fun and I am so very glad I found the man who would become my husband. We have been together for 10 years and married for 5. I am looking forward to the next 5 and many beyond.

So, now the bad.

Last Friday, as I was having a fresh tomato slice, straight from the garden, I bit down on a seed, and *crack* went the tooth that I had known was barely hanging on as it was.

Monday saw me on a heavy dose of antibiotics in preparation for a root canal on Tuesday. Tuesday came, and the dentist realized there was way more damage than had shown up on the x-rays and it went from being a 2 hour root canal to a 4 hour marathon of oral surgery. And even then, they couldn’t finish all the work. I have to go back for another 90 minute appointment on Monday the 12th.

I have spent the 3 days since then alternating between excruciating pain and high as a kite on some excellent pain killers. The pookie went to her Nana and Papa’s house so I could rest and I spent the past two days reading, knitting, and being elbow deep in books and my stash.

In two days, I have started and finished two hats. One was the Horeseshoe Cap from Summer 2010 Spin-Off Magazine. I put the first skein of yarn I ever spun on my Louet wheel to use. Since the yarn was sort of thicky-thin, and there wasn’t really enough for anything else, I thought it would do lovely for the project, and actually, it did. But, since gauge was more of a guideline while under the influence of Percocet, it actually came out as a very nice looking beret. I actually like it though. Pictures soon.

The next project was a two colored hat knit from some super-bulky handspun that I combed some sparkly Firestar into and the remains of some Noro Iro I had from a scarf project. Depending on how you want to view it, the hat is either funky and hip, or sort of strange like something you would see on the elderly homeless lady who feeds the cats in your local park. Again, gauge was more of a theory than an actual rule, but it fit, even if slightly loosely. This hat craves a pom-pom.

I had a serious case of “startitis” (the sickness knitters get when they NEED to start a bunch of new projects, but typical symptoms do not include a strong need to finish those projects), so my goal had been fast knitting projects using up things that have been in my stash too long. Two completed projects in two days is probably a personal record. The startitis has died down a bit, though I am still craving a new lace shawl project, but I refuse to even start until I finish the lace scarf project.

Speaking of which, I did not knit a stitch on the Peacock and Leaves scarf (the astute among you will notice that the lace pattern in the Horseshoe cap is almost identical to the lace pattern in the scarf! I know! It’s like a sickness!). It is languishing right now, simply because while my knitting skills were not too seriously impaired, I did not truly trust myself to remember the pattern perfectly (because I have memorized it by now) or to read it right in the event I forgot, or to forget to place my beads or…you know, any number of things that could go wrong with lace when your brain is kind of fuzzy. I don’t knit lace while drinking alcohol and I am applying the same principal while on painkillers.

I DID work on the beer socks while I was waiting both days at the dentist’s office. The heel has been turned and I am working up the leg. That’s all I have, but progress is progress, right?

Yesterday, when the Percocet kicked in and the fever from the infection had been beaten back, I found the energy to go through my stash. I tossed a BUNCH of wool I will never ever spin. Normally, I am such a tightwad that I would never do such a thing, but half-felted top, horrible easter-egg coloring dyed rovings, horrifically itchy and nasty stuff, and stuff that I had only a handful of all had to go. Maybe if I was a felter, I could have found a use for them, but felting doesn’t appeal to me (why on earth would someone intentionally do the one thing to wool I go WAY out of my way to avoid!?) so I just pitched it. I rewound a bunch of balls that had broken loose, wound some lose skeins to make more room, and tried in general to organize, bag, and match up stuff. I put matching yarns next to each other. I put small quantities of different colored yarn that would work well together in a single project together. I “purposed” some of the stuff that has just been sitting there for Christmas gifts (a cable scarf, a cowl, some mittens, etc.), and acknowledged that purchasing a crappy yarn just because it is 90% off does not make it magically not crappy.

I also found stuff that I purchased a long time ago and had forgotten about. I have two balls of nice lace-weight Shadow yarn from Knitpicks that I purchased for the failed attempt at a shawl. They can now become a new shawl. I have several balls of sock yarn (more Christmas!). I have some fingering weight that was also intended for a shawl that I have since decided looked WAY too boring to knit. So stuff that had been “purposed” a long time ago will find new life with new purposes.

Now I have lots of yarn (not that I didn’t “have” it before, but if you don’t remember it’s there…) with lots of projects in mind, and hopefully Christmas knitting will be a cinch, though I might still have to come up with some “manly” yarns for a couple of “manly” projects.

So, a very rotten (not to mention EXPENSIVE!) week ends with our anniversary, our Nation’s celebrated “birthday,” a BBQ, some fireworks (I hope), and lots of knitting inspiration. This week may have sucked, but life is good, and if all I have to complain about is $3K in dental bills and the dire need for really good painkillers, then really, I cannot complain all that much, right?

Life is good. Enjoy the holiday!


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