There is an inherent problem with blogging about knitting. I blog in my spare minutes at work. Same with my knitting. But you cannot knit and type simultaneously. (If you can, let me in on your secret please.)

So, I need to keep this short. Meet the handspun Peacock and Leaves Scarf. My camera will not accurately capture the colors of this yarn. It is not nearly that green. Much more teal really.
My bead modification. They are far more subtle than I think I was after. The beads are clear with an iridescent lining, and I think they were called “Peacock” or something like. (I know; I have clearly gone overboard with the whole peacock theme.) I did consider using some small pearls I have but nixed that thinking they would contrast a little too much. What I really wish I had used now was clear, silver lined beads. Those would have been really striking without being quite as in your face as white pearls would have been.
I think it is interesting that my camera picks up the red of my needle very close to true, but the color of the yarn is so wrong.
Here is my handspun, or at least some of it. These colors are a little more true, but only because I manually adjusted the saturation and hue levels. It is as close as I am going to come to true in this light anyway.
Anyway, I have burned an hour not knitting between the blog and the stuff I am paid to do, so back to the grindstone.

Have a great weekend.


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