All Good Things and Such…

At my work, we cannot afford a receptionist (I work for the Commonwealth), so all the “administrative” types take turns manning the front desk for an hour or two every day. We are not permitted to do any of our work up front because so much of it is confidential in nature while it is in draft form before it is completed and made part of the public record, so essentially, for 90-120 minutes a day, I have had the joy of “work-free” time at work. This has allowed a lot of knitting to get accomplished, especially on days where 2 or more of the administrative types are out and I have something like 2.5 hours to myself up front.

Well, the state employee version of our CEO came down and saw me knitting at the front desk on Friday (during a 2.5 hour shift!) and went straight to the “big boss” and complained. It is “unprofessional” to be crafting at a front desk although reading a book, working a Sudoku puzzle, or playing on the internet were all strangely acceptable alternatives.

On the rare occasion when we have someone aside from a courier come in, my knitting has provided a ice-breaker. There is no uncomfortable silence with a random stranger when you are explaining to them what you are knitting, how long you have been knitting, what a purl stitch is, etc. And if they aren’t willing to ask, then they look on quietly while I knit to my heart’s content and the silence is not uncomfortable. I would feel more like I am blatantly ignoring someone if my nose was stuck in a book, and being interrupted during a particularly challenging Sudoku puzzle is not good for the hopes of completing it, so…I guess I will be playing on the internet during my “work free” time.

The fact that I get to knit at work has always been something like too good to be true, so I am not absolutely crushed or even all that surprised. This seemed inevitable. My boss was very sympathetic as she gave me the ruling and even said I was free to knit at my desk (here in the back) whenever we have down time.

Just so you know, I am not being singled out. The anti-craft ruling applies to the needlepoint worker, too.

So, speaking of knitting, the Sienna Cardigan is almost finished. Well, not really. I am 2/3rds (or so I am telling myself) done with the first sleeve. Knitting the sleeve has been interminable. I started it Friday night and as of last night, there is still a ways to go yet. Since I was doing things like starting a front panel late one evening and finishing it up late the next evening, I somehow believed I would fly through the two sleeves and have a completed cardigan early this week. Not so much. I wish now I had taken my own suggestion and knit the two sleeves simultaneously on a circular needle. I would only be half as far along, but I wouldn’t have the awareness of a second sleeve still to come hanging over me like doom. Live and learn I suppose.

I worked on the Sienna sleeve as much as I could, but the reality of June in Virginia set in on Saturday in the form of a 104 degree heat index. I went out to knit in the hammock while Grace napped. Even in the shade, it was too hot to keep the wool on my lap, and I ended up passing out and sleeping for an hour in the hammock.

Yesterday was worse. I tried to knit while Grace played in the pool. It was miserable. In fact, it was so hot, Grace declared it too hot to stay in the pool and wanted to go inside and watch the Little Mermaid. I thought that was a fantastic idea and agreed.

We did go out later and wash the van, water the garden, and even cook dinner on the grill, and being outside for an hour made the 77 degrees we keep the thermostat set at feel positively frigid. I think it will become a personal rule that when the heat index is over 100, the knitting needles can stay inside.

Today is going to be 97 degrees. It is already, at 9:45 as I type this, 86 degrees with a heat index of 90. It is my intention to pick back up my C25K training runs this week, beginning today, but I confess that looking at the details on is a little intimidating.

The only good thing I can say about the heat is maybe it will bring me a few more cherry tomatoes.

“Sorry, Mamma, it’s my tomato.”

Time to hydrate. Hope it is a good week for you!

PS: Think kind thoughts for Commenter Extraordinaire Kitty. She is moving to my neck of the woods this week. It is damn hot to be moving in Virginia in June. I know. I did it six years ago this week myself. Hang in there and if we can do anything, including watch the boys, let me know.


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