Back In The Saddle?

My normal May blogging hiatus hit just like every year. It was more or less a knitting hiatus too. I knit a few stitches on my Trekking boot socks. I put a few rounds on Byram’s poor beleaguered Beer Socks. That was pretty much it for knitting.

I got to see Iron Man 2. Very awesome. I got to see Shrek Forever After. I cannot remember the last time I saw two movies in one month. I went to see the Barenaked Ladies in concert. And I did this little event called Sapphire Joust.

Not that little. Something like 660 attendees this year. It was a good but hot event, pretty much like every year. It was a special event for me this year. Two years ago, Byram and I stepped up as the Baron and Baroness of our local SCA chapter, the Barony of Caer Mear. We did our two year term and finished out, handing off the coronets to two lovely people who will do a fantastic job running this group.

Here we are waiting for the processional for our final court to begin.
Here we are in our final court.
Last Court
We bowed to the populace and said farewell.
So Long and Thanks for all the Fish
And we “went” on Crusade.
We're for the Holy Land Sailing

So that was Memorial Day weekend. I took a few days (ha) to recover and then turned around and went to another SCA event and worked in the kitchen helping get the feast prepared. That was great fun. But by Sunday, June 6th, my fingers were already itching for some knitting.

There is no shortage of works in progress (WIPs) for me to work on. Beer socks. Boot socks. The Sienna Sweater. No shortage of projects at all to choose from, but I wanted something *new*.

I cast on a new scarf, out of Red Heart’s Collage in the color Tundra. I know, its 100% acrylic, but really, it was on clearance, I liked the colors, and it doesn’t look really heinous or feel all that bad. Knitting those frosty colors on a day near 100 degrees was actually lovely. I originally wanted to do another entrelac scarf, but the color shift in this yarn was SO slow that I ended up with not just multiple squares of the same color, but I was 3 tiers deep and the color had not changed. Rip. Then I tried to cast on the YarnHarlot’s One Row Handspun Scarf from memory. I knitted about 6 rows before acknowledging that I had missed the mark and went and found the pattern online. I was off by 5 stitches in my “remembering”.

For all the hassle it was starting this scarf, it sure went quick. I cast off an hour ago. One scarf, knit on when I had free time at work, and I am done in 72 hours.

And since I was in the midst of finding my knitting mojo again, I went and pulled out my Sienna Sweater, the one I began many months (January) ago, in a size large, in hopes that by the time I finished it, I would be able to wear a size large. I had left off at the point of shaping the neckline on the back of the sweater, and since I rediscovered my pattern while packing for Sapphire, now I was able to bring sweater and pattern together again after months of sitting unloved on the upstairs landing. The back of the sweater was completed in relatively short order after I had fortified myself with a little gin and a piece of chocolate. I was so pleased with my progress that I immediately cast on the front right panel, which includes lace and a tiny little cable crossing. You don’t cable until Row 16, and Byram came to bed at Row 11, so I haven’t tested the cable waters yet. In case I haven’t mentioned it, I am not a cable queen. I think their look is okay, but not enough to make me want to hassle with them, and when I have fooled with cables in the past, I have been underwhelmed. That is partly why I chose the Sienna Sweater as my first sweater. The cables are only two stitches each, no big shakes even for a cable hater like me, there is lace in between, and five inches of 2×2 ribbing all around, and for when my tiny little brain gets tired, there is some lovely stockinette to speed through on.

It really promises to be a lovely sweater, but I can say that because I haven’t made my first cable cross yet.

It also has the potential to be a sweater too big for me unless I finish it pretty soon. On May 19th, I broke the 200 pound barrier, and for the first time since I was a freshman in high school, I am under 200 pounds. As of today, 193. Even better, I am a size 16 in pants. I remember shopping for new clothes for my first year of high school and being devastated that I had to go up into a size 16. That was 14 years ago, and now I am back to a 16, but in the best way possible. My shirt size is a Large. No longer a 2 or 3X. I am contemplating knitting camisoles and other sweaters for the first time because I no longer require upwards of 1200 yards or more of nice yarn to make a sweater to fit me in general.

So what else has been new? Both Grace and the garden have been growing like gangbusters. We harvested our first cherry tomato off the vine yesterday. Nothing else has come due yet except the snow peas. With temperatures now regularly in the 90s and the evenings rarely dropping into lower than 70, tomatoes will start turning very soon. I would guess within the next two weeks.

I haven’t gone for a run since right before Sapphire Joust, partly due to the exhaustion that hit after the event, partly due to real life work keeping near my desk, and partly because of laziness, heat, and a lack of preparation on my part. Can’t run if you only have 3.5 inch heels to wear, you know? Maybe tomorrow. When it’s 94 degrees. Yay me.

This is a massive post, I know, and I am sorry. I hope to be blogging more often. I also want to post pictures of some of my new medieval garb. Actually, you can see the results of some of my work in the pictures above. That blue and white dress is silk and linen, and is a raised from the dead dress that I started last year, and discovered I simply did not have enough blue silk to wrap around my arse back then. It pleased me to no end to be able to resuscitate a dress that at one point was a blatant example of just how huge I was. I really want to show you pictures of the linen 12th century bliaut, complete with some embroidery and beading.

So bear with me. I will keep posting if you will keep reading. I just might need a gentle reminder from time to time.


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Kitty on June 10, 2010 at 9:55 AM

    We’ll keep reading as long as you keep posting. ;-D
    Maybe next month you can get me back into my running shoes.


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