Veggie Tales

I have had about a dozen things I wanted to write about, but have lacked the motivation/skill to put pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard, as it were.

So, first off, I have lost 50 pounds! Fifty-two to be exact. I have dropped from a size 24 to 18. I do not think I can express just how happy and grateful I am in words, so just believe me. My life is so much better for just those 50 pounds being gone.

Today is the end of the first week of April and yet, the weather is similar to mid-June. We broke down and turned on the AC this morning. 95 degrees is just too hot. However, the dramatic heat has done wonders for the seeds we have been starting. Mom and I have squashes, melons, and Brussels sprouts all springing up and raring to be planted. I took a vacation day on Monday and spent the day tempting the weather gods by planting tender summer veggies. Nothing brings on a freak frost like planting before your Last Frost Date. So far, the 10 day forecast looks promising.

My low raised bed is mostly still devoted to lettuce that I sowed way back in December, but I think with all this heat, I am not far from it bolting. My hope is to bring in a large quantity this evening, which will make more room for other vegetables. I have one rogue strawberry in that bed that is doing well so far, as well as one rutabaga that I ran out of room for in the tall bed. One of the four peas I planted in March survived the squirrel raids, though it germinated fairly far from where it started. I transplanted it back to where I want my peas and started a few more pea seeds under cover. I might plant them tonight since they are thriving. I also planted three peppers in the low bed. They are a bit crowded by the lettuce, but as I mentioned, the lettuce is short-lived at this point. I want at least three more pepper plants.

In the tall raised bed, I planted 8 rutabagas. I adore rutabaga and hope mine turn out well. They may not tolerate this heat, but I was never expecting 95 degrees in early April when I planted them over a week ago. Monday, I put in 6 tomatoes. Two Celebrities, one heirloom beefsteak, one Roma, and one called Jet Star, which I had never heard of. The internet speaks well of it being a heavy producer of good looking and mild tasting tomatoes, so we shall see.

In between the two rows of tomatoes, I tried this seed “tape” of Detroit Red beets. The seeds come pre-spaced and contained in a tape of paper reminiscent of heavy toilet paper. All I had to do was dig a 1 inch deep furrow the length of the row, lay the tape in, cover and water. So easy it seems like cheating. I will let you know how it goes.

On the deck, Mom has several herbs growing, including basil, cilantro, and stevia. I potted some lavender because I think it will be nice to keep lavender, and not for any other reason. I also put two tomatoes in containers: one cherry tomato and one grape tomato. I know from experience that container veggies are tricky; water is absolutely key to their survival as they are less protected from temperatures and evaporation. I am hoping for the best and planning very simple drip watering systems small enough to fit in the pots when it is extra hot or I will be away for a few days.

The new bed out by the shed still lies fallow, but it is (in theory) waiting for it to be warm enough to take on yellow squash, winter squash, and melons. In theory, it is all of the sudden plenty warm enough for those plants, but I am not tempting fate quite so much.

I have pictures of our trip to Agecroft Hall from Saturday, but real work calls, and I still have so much more I want to write about. So stay tuned and get out and enjoy the weather if it is nice where you are.


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  1. Posted by bdb on April 15, 2010 at 1:40 PM

    Update! I want to hear the Boodros story again!


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