Last Sunday, sniffling, lying in my hammock, reading “Knitted Lace of Estonia,” I was inspired to pick back up my Laminaria shawlette, which is, after all, a shawl inspired by Estonian stitches.
I sat on my back porch, gathered all of my close by projects to me, and sat in the warm sun, soaking in the Vitamin D and inspiration.

When I started, I had this:
This afternoon, I began finally casting off.
It doesn’t look like much, and indeed, it is just a baby of a shawl.
The Zephyr yarn is to die for. It feels heavenly.
I wish I had knit it on slightly larger needles. I used 3.5mm needles as called for by the pattern, but I know I am at tight knitter, and should have gone up to 3.75 needles to be closer to the size the pattern called for. A swatch would have proven the point, and I wouldn’t be left with probably 200 yards of this gorgeous green yarn. I foresee a really skinny lace scarf in my future to use up the remains of this ball.

Tonight, we dress. No naked lace!


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  1. Beautiful!!


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