Achoo! Spring is here. It brought me a cold as well, but I am recovering. Finally. So, let’s see if I can cover just about everything going on.

So, knitting first, since this is a knitting blog after all.

My Laminaria Shawl is nearing completion. I am about half way through the first edging chart. Then, 12 rows of the second edging chart, then bind off and dressing. I took a couple of pictures over the weekend, but the camera made its way out of my bag. I have a goal now. I recently found a pretty green paisley skirt and a gray-green pull over sweater top (I have a sincere weakness for three-quarter sleeve pullover sweater tops) to match, and the colors go perfectly with my Basil colored Jaggerspun silk/wool yarn. Now, I would like to wear this outfit, complete with lace shawlette, to Easter Vigil in about 10 days.

I completed my first boot sock in the Trekking XL yarn and I absolutely adore my sock. However, I have not cast on the second yet because the first sock came out with a fantastic striped pattern that I fear I cannot replicate. My OCD desire for perfectly matched socks has tripped me up. There are perfect reddish-yellow bands around the instep and mid-calf. The heel, and JUST the heel, is the only section of the sock that is a single color; it is perfect in its tealness. It looks very much like I planned for the heel to be teal and reddish stripes to be at the instep and middle of the calf. I did not. Now I desperately want to replicate these little lucky perfections, but I cannot find the exact point where the color pattern begins all over again, at least not in this remains of the first ball. I haven’t examined the second ball yet. Into perfectionism-limbo they go for now.

The second beer sock is cast on but . . . you know the song and dance now. Let’s just move on.

I picked up a copy of Nancy Bush’s Knitted Lace of Estonia from my library, which is a wonderful book! It inspired me to get moving on Laminaria again, and now I have several new lace projects I want to tackle in the future. I recommend it.

Speaking of books, my other read right now is Shadow of the Silk Road, which has been a very neat read so far.

Saturday was the first day of Spring, which I celebrated by sitting pitifully on my back porch, sniffling, and knitting. Not much in the garden could get done in the condition I was in. Our official Last Frost Date is April 15, so I still have a little time to catch up, but the next few weekends are shockingly busy. I have composted one of the raised beds; the other is full of nice looking lettuce that needs to be brought in before it is too tough. Then I can compost that bed. I have blood meal to throw down on both. I also decided to create a normal garden bed in the back yard, in the one area that gets some sun and we do not drive on, behind my shed, where I can put large, spreading plants like summer and winter squashes (my single butternut squash was SO good last year that I would like to plant several of them this year), melons, and cucumbers. All that needs to be cleared out, tilled up, composted and fertilized, and soon if I hope to get anything growing back there by late April/early May. But with that bed created, my little raised beds on the side of the house can then be devoted entirely to peppers, tomatoes, peas, and the like.

My lettuce and spinach that are in containers on the back porch were raided not long ago by squirrels. What was left, however, is growing strong, and the squirrels at least saved me the trouble of having to thin out my spinach. I have a pot and soil ready for a cherry tomato plant. I also picked up a lavender plant, since I love lavender, and I will pot that for the summer like I did with my herbs last year, then transplant it somewhere appropriate next winter. Last year’s herbs were transplanted last month, and already the variegated mint and lemon thyme are coming up. The rosemary is doing fine, not even dying off in the pot during this very cold winter. I have a specialty mint, chocolate mint, that is not yet showing signs of life, but being mint, it probably will come back.

The other project I really need to tackle is probably some kind of netted covers to put over my raised beds and my containers. We have a real problem with squirrels and rabbits ,and last year, they devastated my already pathetic pepper crop, destroyed my blueberry bush, and snatched any strawberries before they were even close to ripe. I have one plan to deal with the squirrels head on, but I cannot . . .”disappear” them all, so covers might be necessary, at least early on. They will take anything; I planted four snow pea plants and they snatched the peas out of the ground before they even germinated. I need something to protect my hard work.

My roses are leafing out and I am looking forward to blooms in late April at the earliest. Even more exciting is that my Lenten Roses (or hellebores) are going to bloom for the first time this year. They are finally two years old, which really is how long they take to mature and bloom, and I am excited to see what they will look like after two years of waiting and hoping.

Finally, the SCA season is really gearing up again. We will be traveling a lot in April: coastal North Carolina and Charleston, West Virginia are the big ones. Byram and I are stepping down from our leadership roles (Baron and Baroness of the Richmond area group) on Memorial Day weekend. A whole new world is opening up for us after that. What projects am I/are we going to take on? Maybe none, maybe some, I just don’t know yet. I will need a little time to adapt to my new “freedom.”

No matter what, I really need to sit myself down at the sewing machine and crank out some new garb. I am not going to have enough garb to wear even for a long weekend, like Memorial Day, much less something 10 days long like Pennsic. Much of my garb is ratty anyway and none of it is going to fit. Some of it can be taken in, so at the least, I need to sit down and do that.

So there you have it. I have a LOT going on. Please forgive the lack of photos; I will come up with some soon.


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  1. Looking forward to seeing your laminaria! I am on row 1 of the second edging chart and I am so ready for it to be done. This is my first lace-weight project (did I mention that?) and it is coming along more slowly than I expected it would. I got really bogged down in the middle section.


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