Crack Knitting

My husband has again pinged me for an update. I would like to. I have been trying to. It is just hard when this week, my office was upgraded (ha) to Microsoft Office 2007, which frankly, has been such a miserable experience, I have avoided typing when I did not have to (which I have to all the time; it is my job after all).

But work considerations aside, what is the number one thing that keeps a rabid knitter from the keyboard?

(You shouldn’t have to think too hard about that answer.)


Yarn- Trekking XXL, colorway 100 (they are so descriptive, yes?)
Pattern- Generic Toe Up Sock (for now; I might go crazy after the heel, we shall see).

I think Zitron puts crack in their yarn or something like it. I cannot put it down. It memorizes me with its subtle color changes, and before you know it, I have added another inch to the sock. This must have been a “the first hit is free” kind of operation. I had always wanted to knit Trekking socks, but the yarn is general cost prohibitive as it is really hard to justify $17 and up sock yarn most of the time, but a friend was de-stashing and sold it for half price. Lucky girl that I am, I scored two balls of the same dye lot. I can choose knee socks, or I can do something funky with the other 450+ yards of this stuff. Either way, it has kept me from other, more pressing pursuits.

Beer Sock
My poor husband. I am posting the picture to prove that headway HAS been made on the sock, and another three-quarters of an inch will see me knitting the “head” of the beer sock. The first one.

I confess to you, my brothers and sisters, that I have slacked on the one project that really needed knitting these past, oh, 10 months.

Underneath that amber-colored sock is the Project of Hope. My Sienna Sweater.
Sienna Sweater
It is my hope because I am knitting it size Large, which for me, is a scary thought. I have not been in a size Large since middle school. I am getting there, though. Thanks to my surgery, I have lost 41 pounds in 2 months. It has not been without difficulties, but it has been so very worth it. I have gone from a size 24 down to a 20. I hope by the time this sweater is finished, that I will be significantly smaller than that. Thus why it is my Hope Sweater.

In order to keep hope alive, I have to keep exercising. My exercise of choice is walking, though I am including some jogging in there these days. And I walk around Richmond. A lot.

These pictures were taken last week when the weather was cooler but crystal clear.

Our Capitol. I like to walk there because it is on a significant hill, which improves my cardio and it is well kept and crawling with state troopers (I do have to consider my safety sometimes).

The monument. That is Washington on top.

Old City Hall. The closest thing Richmond has to a castle. If you could see what we chose for a city hall to replace this grand old building with, you would be as horrified as I am. I have never been inside, but I think I would like to.

The State Seal at the foot of the steps leading up to the Capitol. The blue tiles are glass, I believe. They are clear and the effect of the masonry and glass is very striking.

One of the two rose fountains. This is my favorite spot. I think these roses are Knock Out roses, which are probably the most popular roses on the mass market right now. Notice the tiny little wooden “dock.” There is a plaque there that I was trying to catch in the camera, but the image is too small. It says “SCC Squirrel Country Club,” which just cracks me up. I don’t know if it is mySCC or some other acronym is being referenced, but I cannot help but assume someone from my office donated it, and the thought of squirrels diving off the deck into the pond just makes me smile.

Today, the weather is warm but damp. Rain is moving in and a mist is hanging over the river. Warm air and cold air confronting, with the warmer air winning out. Spring is undeniably here.

Knitting is calling. A wet and rainy weekend is approaching, and I foresee knitting and maybe some Brother Cadfael movies, which are my new favorite guilty pleasure. Grace is going off to her Nana and Papa’s tomorrow, and I am really looking forward to an indulgent evening and maybe even sleeping in a little on Saturday morning, particularly if the SCA event we are planning on attending this weekend is cancelled due to weather.

I wish you all peace.


3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by bdb on March 12, 2010 at 9:20 AM

    The one picture of the interior of Old City Hall that I have seen was STUNNING. You should go one day soon.

    The monument was a tribute to Washington. It was suppose to be his burial site (it was decided that instead he would be buried at Mt. Vernon) and the different figures on the statue are him in different roles (solider, surveyor, statesman…) for Virginia. During the civil war the interior of the crypt was used to store arms and ammunition.


  2. Posted by Kitty on March 12, 2010 at 12:47 PM

    Get some sleep and some knitting done for me. I will be here, in work hell, for the forseeable future. I hate being exempt from overtime. I’d be rolling in yarn money by now.


  3. I love these photos! Capitol Square is so neat.

    That trekking sock looks amazing!!!


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