A Walk with a View

In my walks around Richmond, I see all kinds of things. This week, I got to some sights around the River (that would be the James River for the uninitiated) as I took my walk over on Brown’s Island.
Some Canadian geese hanging out in the Haxall Canal. Very soon, their young ones will be paddling after them. I don’t know where they keep their nests but it has to be somewhere nearby.
(I love the one with his bottom up in the air.)

The pier out into the River has had some upgrades made to it. Famous quotes from historical figures about Richmond are cut into metal “planks” and replace some of the old wooden planks. All the standard civ war stuff, you know, but I liked this one in particular:
Then there is the River itself. I grew up at the bottom end of the River, where it is four miles wide and might as well be the Chesapeake Bay for all I could swim across it. Up here, it is different. A real river, not an impassable gulf. Richmond was founded at the “falls,” the rough part of the river where it became impossible to sail the ships any further west.
Which is to say, right about….here:
(Not really here. Richmond was founded a good deal east of this point actually.)

I cannot describe the volume, the decibel level, of the River as it passed below me. It was running about its normal level, maybe a little higher with snow melt and some rain. It was loud. LOUD.
I moved on fairly soon and got my exercise back under way. I should have snapped a picture of the lingering snow lying next to the green shoots of the dwarf daylilies that are coming up along the side walk. Yes, we still had some snow on the ground two days ago, even snow that hadn’t been shoveled into a giant heap. That snow should be all gone now, with all that it left are the front end loader created mountains of snow around parking lots and such. Good riddance as far as I am concerned.

Yesterday, when they were predicting “up to 3 inches of snow in Richmond,” they must have meant from “zero to three” because we had not a flake of snow this morning. I have been rarely more relieved to see the weather men get it so very wrong.

Spring is coming. It is undeniable now. Rain won out over snow, green shoots are sprouting up, my roses are showing signs of life, and I am flipping incessantly through seed catalogues looking at flowers, vegetables, and fruit bearing shrubs and trees I will not be planting this year.

Spring is coming and I am so grateful.

Tonight, more spinning.


3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by lavanilla on February 25, 2010 at 10:13 PM

    Really have enjoyed your blog :) And the pictures were very awesome!!!


  2. I miss that river! Any photos of Richmond are loved and appreciated :) I think the time when you see the early signs of spring might be one of my favorite times of year.


  3. Posted by bdb on March 11, 2010 at 1:34 PM



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