The 11 Months Ahead

I am an official snow hater. I can handle one big snow every few years, but we have had three significant (6″ or more) snows in the past 11 months, there is a threat of sleet this morning, and another looming storm that could bring another 6-10″ of snow to Richmond this weekend. I did NOT move to New England overnight, so what the heck?
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Shall we blame El Niño? Or Punxsutawney Phil? That little marmot bastard saw his shadow this morning. I think it’s time for old Phil to take the “long walk” and with 6 more weeks of winter predicted, I would be happy to do the dispatching.

I kid. Mostly.

I returned to work yesterday after missing only 12 business days post-op. Life actually feels better now that I am back to work. I did not accomplish much knitting during my break. The beer socks are back on the needles and my husband will be happier for that. I started a scarf before going into the hospital and did knit a bit on it at the hospital, but I learned quickly that a stitch pattern that works fine while on morphine might burn a hole into my brain once unmedicated. I ripped it and started over with that lovely yarn on the Impressionist Cowl (It’s a Rav link for all my Ravelers). It is turning out positively lovely, and as soon as I get my hands back on the camera, I will show you just how lovely.

I also started the “Sienna Sweater” that was a free pattern from Interweave Press/Knitting Daily. My first sweater. I am taking my time with it because I have other projects going on, and because I have sized it “Large” instead of my customary 2X. You see, this sweater is the personification of the hope I have for my changing body. I really do live in joyful hope.

So, I lost the entire month of January really. I feel like with my return to work, I am finally starting my new year, and with my new year, I have been thinking about what I want to knit. It is already February! Time to think about Christmas knitting, you know?

I kid. Mostly.

So right now, I am knitting Beer Socks, the Sienna Sweater, the Impressionist Cowl, the Laminaria Shawl, and a couple of other random, unlikely to ever be finished scarves. That is a LOT of knitting and none of it is a real rush except Byram’s beer socks and really, the cowl should be done before Spring arrives.

I placed a Knit Picks order in early January for yarn to knit a few more pairs of socks and some fingering weight yarn for a shawl.

I want to knit “Jaywalker” socks from my Felici sock yarn in colorway Marsh. I think those bold stripes will look excellent as Jaywalkers.

I will knit a pair of plain-ish, probably 2×1 ribbed, mens socks for Byram out of the Stroll sock yarn I got for him in colorway Merlot.

I plan to knit Haruni (Rav link!) relatively soon. I picked up 2 balls of Knit Picks Palette in Iris Heather for that shawl. A soft purplish-gray, neutral shawl will be lovely to have for Easter, I think. It should be a quick knit too.

After that, things open up. I am getting in the mood to do another big shawl. I am thinking circular instead of triangular too, since I have done several triangular shawls in the past several months, especially if I finish Laminaria and Haruni.

I have wanted to tackle one of MMario’s (from Ravelry) lace shawls. I like the Spanish Armada shawl, and being square, it would be a totally new kind of knit for me. However, I am very tempted by the Snowflake Peacock shawl; very pretty, but I am losing interest in knitting anything that invokes snow at this moment. I might settle on his Queen of Heaven shawl. I love the name and I could see that in a pretty, true blue.

I need to start considering Christmas, in all seriousness. I have family to knit for and I think they are coming to enjoy getting hand knits for Christmas. Socks will likely abound this year. Everyone seems to like their socks who got some this year. The men of the family will pretty much only be getting socks, but maybe they can each get two pairs this year.

Maybe I could work up a couple of intricate cotton doilies for my Grandmother who likes those kinds of things.

Maybe I will knit my sister-in-law some kind of hippy-dippy tote or shopping bag. I think that would please her.

I have some leftover yarn and beads from the Shipwreck shawl and I have a plan to knit a pretty, beaded, faggot lace scarf, just as simple as a border, and YO K2Tog throughout, with the beads floating randomly on the YOs. The beading would help keep my interest. I think my mom would get that as it would be reminiscent of the Shipwreck shawl, which I gathered she wanted very much.

Either way, I am looking forward to a year of knitting. What is on your list to knit this year?


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  1. I began thinking about Christmas knitting this week too, actually. I’m glad to know I’m not the only one. I haven’t advanced past the ‘maybe I should knit for Christmas’ stage yet – partly because some folks in my family who have received knitted gifts haven’t actually used them, so I feel somewhat discouraged to continue trying. Others, though, (in-laws) are due. I have an idea for my mother-in-law. I have to be careful, though, because my father-in-law’s sister makes knitted gifts for everybody too!


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