Just an Update

Tuesday. I think it’s Tuesday. It has been hard keeping up with days for me. I was released on Saturday, went to Mass on Sunday, the Vikings beat the Cowboys on Sunday and Grace came home too. All of that was only 2 days ago?

Yesterday, there was a nap right after breakfast. Another one before dinner. Anesthesia is slow leaving the body.

In general, I am doing extremely well. We took Grace to the park to play yesterday and we walked the one-mile loop there. I did alright. Even right now, I am over 12 hours without pain medication. I am downing my lunch; 1 cup of Campbell’s Healthy Select French Onion soup run through the blender with 18 (ish) grams of soy protein. Add the 3 grams already in the soup, and I have a 20+ grams of protein lunch.

Of course, I am tired. Really tired. Its partly anesthesia, partly my body demanding energy for healing, and partly the fact that I get maybe 600 calories in per day so my body says “I’m freaking starving over here!” even if my stomach disagrees.

It is becoming easier to identify what I have for years believed to be “hunger” and what it really means to be hungry. In short, I am NOT hungry anymore. Not at all. No appetite whatsoever. But at night, as commercials play and old habits come knocking, I feel cravings for things. Last night, I wanted sausage, or string cheese, or buttered toast. Not because I was hungry, but I was bored and it all sounded tasty. Thanks to my new tool, I could not give in. Now the goal in the long run will be not to give in once my pouch allows for those cravings.

Knitting is coming along. Mom’s socks are a few inches from being done. I am having trouble eking out those last couple of inches for whatever reason. I spun some thick and thin yarn. I havent touched my “surgery scarf” since I came home. I did knit on it in the hospital. Even a few hours after surgery, but Byram does a very funny impression of me trying to YO, K2Tog, K1, repeat, while out of it on morphine. It was inelegant at best, but not messed up either.

I really want to get out and enjoy this beautiful weather we are having. I have a strong desire to try and comb some of this supposed cashmere I received last year and see if there is anything of value in that bag. I will post pictures soon.


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