That Time of Year

I cannot seem to form a positive, upbeat, and enlightening paragraph, so I guess I must resort to pictures only.

So I give you, Hot Chocolate Socks. Toe up, 2×1 ribbing, short row heel, Magic Cast on. They are lovely, and I confess to being a toe-up convert.

An almost perfect magic cast-on. I confess that I love this cast on, but it was really not easy with this yarn (Patons Stretch Sock Yarn). When I say “Not easy,” I mean, hair pulling, muttered curses, teeth gritting, blood pressure rising, not easy. I overcame it, but the toe is not quite as perfect as I would have liked.

However, my short row heel was as close to perfect as I have achieved thus far.

The longer I knit the sock, the less I hated the yarn. It is ridiculously soft. It stretches very nicely without appearing stressed. In fact, it stretched well enough that what has been designed to fit a men’s size 9 foot slipped comfortably onto my women’s size 11 foot.

What? Don’t you get to put your feet up at work?

Anyway, I cast off using a very stretchy cast off I know, but it left me very unsatisfied. It isn’t a terrible issue, but I just don’t like it. I wish I knew more cuff treatments for toe up socks. I tried switching to a simple unribbed garter stitch, but I didn’t like that any better and ended up pulling back. The sock looks like it ended very abruptly. Ah well. It is for a 74 year old man that I love dearly, and I think chances are good he will either not care about their slightly odd top or he will simply not wear them at all, and my mother in law will get them.

I cast on the second sock tonight. God willing, there will be far less hair pulling and cursing.

And if not, well, the spinning wheel has been a little neglected in recent weeks, and I need more yarn to add to this:

Easy Drop Stitch Scarf, hand spun fingering weight yarn, Misty Mountain Farm Merino Top.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Great photos!

    I will have you know that your hot chocolate socks made me crave both hot chocolate with marshmallows AND a new pair of handknitted socks. I have the same troubles with the magic cast on, too.

    Also, I love your work with the Misty Mountain. Those guys are awesome.


  2. Posted by Kristin/HLMauera on November 20, 2009 at 1:08 PM

    Have you tried Jenny’s surprisingly stretchy bind off?


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