A True Knight

Please forgive the lack of knitting content. I promise there will be pictures of my first Ruba’iyat mitten, soon, but not today.

After the horrific drama that went on just outside my office yesterday, I was wound extremely tight. It wasn’t until I got home, when my whole body finally relaxed, that I realized just how hard the incident was on my mental state. Today, there are pictures taken of the body and the scene, up close, apparently floating around my office. I veer the other way when I see people congregating around a photo, and have declined every offer to see it.

Seen enough, thanks.

Then today, the news came that a lady in the SCA that I know via the internet, whom I respect, admire, and for a while, even had a bit of hero-worship of, was taken off life support after contracting H1N1 a few weeks ago. She was very seriously ill, and each complication she suffered was worse than the previous. It is finally over for her and the Society has lost a True Knight, a Pelican, a Duchess, a Fighter, an Artisan, a Teacher, a Heroine, an Inspiration, and a Queen.

To say I thought highly of Duchess Kolfina would be an understatement. She was knighted around the time I made my last hard-core efforts with my own fighting. Her articles on SwordMaiden and her words through that now defunct forum inspired me and helped me find my path.

Heaven has gained a Knight and the Society has lost another bright light.

Death is our doom but let us die with honor
All that lives after is what the bards do say
Fight to be worthy of fame in the future
Let them remember the deeds we do today
For our hands shall be the harder, and our will shall be the wiser
And our hearts shall be bolder as our strength must end
Come and follow me to glory, so that when they tell the story
We shall not be forgotten in the halls of men

Battle of Maldon- Rosalind Jehanne


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