Autumn’s Herald

I would like to show you pictures of the really neat sampling I did last night with my FiberOptic roving, but my camera disapproves. I smudged the lens apparently without noticing until I uploaded all my images and the samples look like crud. As did all the other pictures I nabbed.

I did manage to get this:

You can see I am using a drop spindle for portability and also, because now that I have a goal for this yarn, I want it as close to perfect as I can spin it. I decided, after sampling a cushy and chunky weight two ply that as lovely and soft as it was, my heart preferred the easy spinning/hard knitting project of Hansa to the hard to spin/easy to knit multidirectional scarf I would have knit with the soft and squishy version. I have knit 4 of those scarves, and while I think they are tremendous fun, I want to try something totally new and different.

One of the aspects of spinning that I love best is that the finished product isn’t the only beautiful part of spinning. I love looking at the fiber as it slips from my left hand into the space between my right thumb and forefinger, and appears on the other side as a beautiful strand of yarn. I love looking at the luster and crimp of the fiber; I love watching the twist pull in individual fibers and seeing how the colors come together. I even really like winding on. I am trying Abby Franquemont’s method of winding on to achieve a heavier cop for the first time, and it is really pretty to watch in action.
Far less messy looking that my normal wind-on (the “cone style”) ends up becoming, and I hope to really pack some yarn onto this spindle. I loved the wind on and I noticed just how pretty that deep gray single looked against the cherry red of my spindle. It was even pretty to watch the single change from gunmetal gray to a lighter gray, to a blue gray, and now I am up to varying shades of cobalt blue.

That is all I have for now. I put a few more stitch markers up on Etsy today. If you want something to pretty up your knitting, I might have just what you need. And with that, I leave you with an image that just barely heralds the coming of Autumn to Richmond. Just a hint of color in those trees. Wait for next week and we’ll see if it’s a little more pronounced.


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  1. Oooh, I love the rich blue of that fiber!


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