An Etsy Blitz!

So, I made an Etsy blitz this morning. I rebooted my defunct shop, took down the old items, and posted new shiny and lovely items for your knitting pleasure.

Visit the shop and see!

I love beads. I mean, really, I love beads. It is the “OOOH! Shiny!” factor. I am part magpie or something. I had a stint of making rosaries a few years ago, and having all the parts and pieces necessary, I set about making stitch markers last week, and have finally gotten them up for sale.

Here is what I have:

Lapis Howlite Leadership Markers ($4)

Czech Glass Pearl Leadership Markers ($4)

Czech Glass Garnet Beads Leadership Markers ($4)

And my favorite set, from the Beautiful Beads collection (which I promise will grow soon):

Emerald, Cobalt, and Garnet Czech Beads on a Genuine Clear Quartz Rondelle (Set of 5) ($5)
My Favorite

I plan to work on some more tonight, but if you are interested in a custom set, with particular colors, gemstones, or the letter type beads with a custom name or word spelled out, feel free to either convo me at my Etsy shop or leave a comment with contact info here, and we can set something up.


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