The Last Days of Summer

No outdoors, post-blocking pictures of the Handspun Swallowtail shawl as yet. Sorry.

Today is the official last day of summer and I am okay with sending this summer into the hallowed halls of memory. It was a good summer on many levels, but a hard one too, with Courtney’s decline and loss taking much of my thoughts throughout June, July, and August. Between Sapphire Joust, Summer War, and Pennsic, it was an incredibly busy summer for the SCA. Knitting was more sporadic; I realized I have turned out painfully few finished objects this weekend. I finished Billie’s RPM socks and the Finnish socks in May, the Cats Paw pillow in June and July, and a variety of other unfinished or frogged projects all summer, like the Shetland Lace scarf still sitting in my desk drawer here at work, the handspun One Row scarf still in my knitting bag, and the handspun pink scarf of death that was frogged in late August. The Swallowtail Shawl is my first Finished Object since July.

With it complete, I can turn my attention back to my Gathering of Lace Faroese shawl:
(Knit Picks Shadow Lace in Midnight Heather; beads are gold from my “Coffee Blend Beads” size 6/0)

This shawl is like a very good friend; you know, the friend you can go a year without seeing, and when you are in the same place at the same time again, you pick up like you last saw each other yesterday. I love that about this shawl. It makes no demands. It requires nothing. It is just there, waiting on me, comfortably enveloped in my knitting bag. I can forget to mark my row and with little difficulty, pick it up, start knitting and easily figure out which row I am on. It knits faster and faster as each row decreases. This shawl is my new best friend and good friends can share chocolate.


I was thinking this morning about my varying interests. I spent all of yesterday watching football. I love football. I spent my evening spinning, watching football, and drinking a delicious Oktoberfest beer and found no incongruity in this variety of hobbies all combined into one evening.

I love watching the weather; having grown up at “the beach” as it is said, weather really matters. My daily weather reports included the tides, bay advisories, and the moon phase (which can impact your tides, and extreme tides can impact your commute in and around Hampton Roads). Add in hurricane season, and the weather at “the beach” made for exciting news, and my interest has not waned in the intervening inland years, much to poor Byram’s dismay. I enjoy photographing interesting skies and wish my camera could do a better job (my poor $90 Kodak is not up to the challenges I present it so often).

Like this:

Or this gorgeous sunset I tried to capture while driving past the Chesterfield County Airport at 55 miles an hour:


Taking pictures is becoming another interest of mine. I liked this one I caught of Our Lady of Grace at Saint Mary’s at dusk a couple of weeks ago:


Then there is the spinning, the knitting, the gardening, the beads, the reading, the historical research. I have so many interests and such a desire to learn and do them all. Last week, I picked up the goods to make some pretty stitch markers to put up on Etsy. I want to make another go at Etsy this Autumn and see if I can do a bit better. Check back for an update on those later this week.

With so many interests, there is always several things going on for me. This weekend is the State Fair which we are thinking about visiting. Grace would love the animals, and the Fair is always a certain amount of fun. There is also a gem show at Richmond International Raceway, and ho boy, that could be expensive fun.

Next weekend is the Fall Fiber Festival out in Montpelier, which I will be going to and do intend to spend a little money at.

The following weekend is an SCA event called War of the Wings, followed by another SCA event here in Richmond. The following weekend is the Richmond Highland Games, which we often attend, and another SCA event follows that weekend.

Autumn is always a busy time, and I am ready to welcome the new season with open arms.


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  1. I vote 1 for etsy! Hooray for a new season…when we can wear shawls!


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