A Gorgeous Day and a Finished Object

In Richmond, the highs will be in the 70’s (close to 80, maybe), the humidity is low, there is a slight breeze. In a word, its Stunning outside. Yeah, I am inside posting for a minute, but I will be back outside with a spinning wheel and a cup of coffee shortly.

Because, I have something indoors that is Stunning to show you right now.

Who is this beautiful creature spread out so enticingly on my bed?


Is that Lily of the Valley?


Ah, now I see what you were named for…


So, the pictures are not fabulous, but even right now, it is still upstairs blocking. This afternoon, I will get some outdoor pictures of it.

So, details then:

Yarn- Handspun, 2-ply Ashland Bay Colonial Top- Colourway: Goldenrod (looks like the color of caramel on a red apple in October)

Yardage- Honestly, no clue. My best guess would be somewhere between 650 and 800 but I stopped counting and I just dont know.

Beads- 6/0 size “Coffee” blend (black, rootbeer, and gold) for the Budding Lace pattern (I put in a bead at every SK2P point of each bud). 6/0 frosted green beads for the spine and the first Lily of the Valley chart, black beads from the blend for the second chart. The Lace border and scalloped edge got just gold beads from the blend. Beads were placed with the crochet hook method.

Measurements- 67″ wide and 30″ long which is MUCH bigger than the pattern called for, but this was my intention. I used 5mm needles for the project to achieve a larger shawl to best fit its intended recipient. It started out okay as my handspun started out more inconsistent and right between Fingering and DK weight, but it got finer and more consistent as I went along. I could have used 4.5mm or 4 mm and gotten more definition in the pattern, but I am not displeased with how it turned out ultimately.

Comments: I LOVE LOVE LOVE this pattern. I could knit it again. In fact, I plan to knit it again. It is an incredibly clever pattern, elegant in its design, very easy to customize, not a yarn hog, and was practically made for beads. I did choose to replace the nupps with beads, first, becase my mother adores beads and I thought she would appreciate the “ooh shiney” factor instead of “Huh, are these knots?” Second, because, well, the nupps were not nearly as fun as the beads. I love the design elements of peaks and valleys. The curvature of the Lily of the Valley design is a dramatic counterpoint to the pointed Budding Lace and the Lace Border. And most of all, I love the Swallowtail edging.


I would say I blocked this with authority, but not ferociously. The yarn is already too thin for the needles I used and I didnt want to stretch the poor thing to the point that you couldnt identify the actual pattern, but I wanted POINTS on the edge. I pinned, repinned, pulled those points tighter, moved the pins again, and tried to get as much out of each point as possible.

I love this shawl. It was a joy to knit. The fiber was a deep pleasure to spin. The beads make me happy somewhere deep inside. I love everything about this shawl and I cannot wait to present it to my Mother for Christmas.



One response to this post.

  1. This shawl is amazing – awe-inspiring! Your mother is one lucky lady!! What a special gift.


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